Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Multicultural Courtrooms and the declaration of war against common sense

OK, the actual headline that caught my eye this morning states, "Woman to sue judge over removal of Islamic head scarf". I must suffer from just a touch of dyslexia, as my mind scrambled this headline to read, "Islamic Woman who Removed judges head over scarf to sue (Eric Holder to prosecute the judge's severed head)".

Then I read it correctly and admonished myself for the error, thinking, "C'mon DaBlade, not every Muslim carries a large Scimitar under their robes, ready to wield it when insulted. Some like to symbolically dismember this country's institutions through its own legal system (right Eric?). Anywho, here it is...
Southfield -- An Islamic group said it will file a federal lawsuit today against a Wayne County judge who ordered a Muslim woman to remove her head scarf.

But a spokesman for Wayne Circuit Judge J. William Callahan said the judge never would have asked Raneen Albaghdady to remove her scarf if she told him it had religious significance.

"No hats allowed in the courtroom," Callahan is heard telling Albaghdady...

Barney Frank: "It is a tribute to the First Amendment that this kind of vile, contemptible nonsense is so freely propagated."

Of course, ol' Barney was talking about something else entirely at the time. If I remember correctly, I think he was waxing nostalgic about the good old days when he ran a male prostitution ring in his basement.

"This is a lady whose face was fully visible," Canton Township attorney Nabih Ayad said of Albaghdady. "There was no reason to tell her to remove her scarf."

A "visible face". Really? Is this the only criteria an American courtroom should take into consideration? We should change all of our rules to accomodate and suit your clients needs?

Melanie Elturk, a council staff attorney, said Callahan's actions violate the constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Ahhh, now you've added the religious component. OK, I'll bite.

Leave your agenda at the door. I say you should have to roll up your prayer rug and remove any head gear or skull accoutrements of any kind before entering a courtroom in this country. By the way, I don't see anywhere in this piece exactly what this lady was charged with. Maybe its not pertinent to the story, but I am curious.

One thing we should all be able to agree on is that sometimes even Men Without Hats should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


  1. looks like the case was about a name change?
    Suddenly, a Christian man with a fedora on has to go but a muslim woman with a headscarf should be allowed to stay?

    NO. Good on that judge. Even the Pope wouldn't come in with that big pointy hat on HIS HEAD!!

    DaBlade, your dyslexic 'misreading' (AS IF!) cracked me UP! Why is it they can remove HEADS but let our CIA get mean and WE'RE THE BAD GUYS!!

  2. I think moslems who live here should follow our laws. Period.

  3. It's like anything else now days- The point is to irritate people so when someone says the ordering of the removal of a scarf is a trivial thing to be upset about they can be called racist or homophobic or worse yet "JUDGEMENTAL".

  4. sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriah creeping my friend!

  5. Yes, this case was about the woman changing her name. She has become a follower of DaBlade and was requesting a name change from Raneen Albaghdady to Raneen DaBladeMyDaddy. Shame on you for taking down this poor little woman who was looking to honor you.

  6. Common sense died a long time ago.

  7. Z- It is criminal and dangerous what Holder is doing through Obamas direction. By the way, ancient prophesy predicts "a Christian man with a fedora" will blog Americans to freedom. Suuure.
    Chuck- Ah, guilty pleasures. "You can dance if you want to", I won't stop you. Just don't do that goofy arm move demonstrated in the video or someone might think you were epileptic.
    cube- Assimilate. Whatever happened to the melting pot?
    Pic Pic- Farkle family quiz: Who said, "You're you and I'm me, and there ain't nuthin gonna change that darlin'"?
    Dr. H- She may join my family as long as she follows the rules and respects the law. When we sit at the dinner table, we remove our hats, pray to Jesus, and dig in. If we get mouthy, we get a lightening quick backhand shiver from MaryAnn (miss you mom!)