Monday, August 31, 2009

Checking between the couch cushions for coinage for the mega-millionth time

Michigan's record 15% unemployment rate has actually spurred lottery ticket sales. It makes me think that us Michiganders are suffering from a "Willy Wonka" syndrome. Like Charlie and his grandpa, we are scrapping together our last nickels for a one-in-176-million chance at a golden ticket inside a Wonka bar. Or a Mega Million winning lotto ticket:

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Despite — or because of — the state’s dire financial position and country-leading 15 percent unemployment rate, Michigan Lottery officials said that its lottery sales are running “at a near record pace,” the Grand Rapids Press reports.

"We get people in here on unemployment, and they're putting together change just to buy one ticket," said Longhurst, an employee at Party World liquor store in Alpine Township, referring to a recent day’s tickets sales...

By the way, I was at the local unemployment office the other day - minding my own business and looking for work...


  1. I'd rather buy one lottery ticket and pocket the rest of the money for stuff like food.

  2. It's no coincidence that those who have been freshly unemployed are the very ones who would turn to the lottery in a crisis.

  3. Chuck- I know. 15% sounds low low. Your side and dmarks side of the state skews the total for mid michigan and greater Detroit.
    cube- here its "lotto ticket or a 6 pack".
    RK- yes, but its proceeds go to the schools dontcha know.

  4. you just crack me UP! You tired of hearing that by now?

    Your post kind of reminds me of that great scene in THE FULL MONTY at the welfare office where the Donna Summers song comes on and the guys start movin' and groovin' to it......!

  5. I am always happy to hear that I am not just cracking myself up :)