Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama MindFreak

Hurricane Bill. Why so informal? Shouldn't it be Hurricane William? Then again, Hurricane "anything" sounds too ominous. I think we ought to put the first name in front... like this:

Bill the Hurricane.

There, isn't that better? Not so scary now, huh? Kinda makes the storm seem friendly, like Thomas The Train.

Hey kids, come outside to see our good friend Bill the Hurricane! Go ahead. Pet him!

Bill the Hurricane became a Category 2 storm Monday, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that man-made global warming exists, and that single-payer healthcare is our only hope to save the polar bears.

The question is, Will Bill or won't Bill threaten the east coast of the United States? I can answer that question. But first, let's go back about nine months in time.

The 2008 Hurricane season was considered a very active hurricane season, due in large part to Texas oilman George W. Bush and President Cheney no doubt. There were 16 named storms, 8 becoming full-blown hurricanes with 5 strengthening into major hurricanes.

Sure, we all know that "there are still trailers in Katrina "(5:40 mark, if you must fast forward for proof).

However, Bush didn't get enough of the blame for the first 15 storms and Obama didn't get any credit for weakening and turning away the final storm of 2008, Hurricane Paloma (Paly the Hurricane if you prefer). This, a MERE THREE DAYS after becoming the president-elect! After that, no more storms. Coincidence? Fox News and talk radio would have you think so.

Well I covered it mister!

So the question remains: Will Bill or won't Bill?
As far as I know, not even Criss Angel the MindFreak can turn a hurricane, as demonstrated by The One.


  1. "Will Bill or won't Bill threaten the east coast of the United States?"

    From 1992 to 2000, Bill threatened the East Coast, the West Coast, flyover country, and Monica's dress. Oh wait. Wrong Bill.

  2. "Hurricaine Barack" has a nice ring. Maybe next year.

  3. hurricaine Hussein is more like it..lol

  4. dmarks- Nice! Beware the Hurricane William Jefferson storm surge.