Thursday, August 20, 2009

This eagle tastes like chicken!

I normally don't post anything from my email box because I figure I'm usually the last one to see it. That said, I just loved the Amazing Patriotic Artist email I just received. Have you ever wanted a stuffed Bald Eagle on your fireplace mantle or coffee table, but after your last parole from prison swore you'd never go back there? Well, the Amazing Patriotic Artist dude has the solution for you...

Per email:
"This guy creates Bald Eagles out of feathers from other birds! Turkey, geese and ordinary chicken feathers are all he uses!"

Here he is at work... just add music.

Amazing! I love creative stuff like that. His name is Jim Day, but I could have swore he was that Jamie Hyneman guy from MYTHBUSTERS fame. I hope Jim and Jamie are not one in the same because these works are too good to blow up.

Check out more stuffed creatures at his website,


  1. Another great idea that I didn't think of first. Good for him. Bad for me.

  2. That would be a great addition to the family room

  3. oh, my email I didn't get yet! Miracles happen!
    very cool, indeed...!

  4. Eagle really tastes more like duck.