Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Willy's Wonka and Hillary's Textile Factory

Pictured below: Hillary Clinton (former President Bill Clinton's wife) is questioned by Congolese students.

"...What does Mister Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton?"

Meanwhile, Wild Bill Clinton is celebrating his August 19th 63rd birthday a little early in Las Vegas while the ball-and-chain channels him from the Congo.
Mr. Clinton is in Las Vegas on Monday as one of the marquee speakers at the National Clean Energy Summit, put together by Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate majority leader. The event has drawn a pretty impressive turn-out, from former Vice President Al Gore to the wealthy oilman T. Boone Pickens.

But it became clear that something else was afoot in this sweltering desert city when some of Mr. Clinton’s friends – the kind who would appear not to have a particular interest or expertise in the kind of summit Mr. Reid has arranged – were spotted on the Vegas strip.

Harry Reid, T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore in a room full of global warming greenie weenies? Sounds like a party to me. Zzzzzzz *snore* I can almost hear Clinton whisper something like, "let's blow this taco stand and have some real fun boys!"

Those on Bill's short list:
* Terry "The Punk" McAuliffe, former leader of the Democratic National Committee
* Paul Begala, senior adviser from 1992 presidential campaign
* John D. Podesta, former White House chief of staff
* Haim Saban, a friend, Hollywood executive and donor
* Steve Bing, Hollywood media mogul
* Jay Carson, a former communications director

What about Algore?

"One of Mr. Clinton’s friends said they were told that Mr. Gore was leaving town after today’s summit and would not be able to attend the night’s festivities."

Suuuure. You just know he begged his former boss if he could tag along. Wild Bill was probably thinking how tough it would be even for him to find willing hookers for the above crowd and just knew that Algore would be the straw that broke Lewinsky's back.


  1. "the ball and chain channels him from the Congo" made me laugh out loud! This is such a good post...do you love $240 STEAKS (side dishes EXTRA?????) WHAT?? "You've got to try that $60 creamed spinach and $40 baked potato, too!"

    Hillary was in quite a snit! (thank goodness it isn't a KNIT SNIT! which your lady commenters will understand if you men don't!)

  2. Hill is living up to her title of PIAPS.

  3. Suddenly it feels like 1994 again. Some things never change.

  4. President Clinton and all those cigars are going to unleashed on unsuspecting women in Las Vegas? Horrors!

  5. Not often you see the Sec'y of State cause an international incident, lately that's been the Veep's job.

  6. Z- It makes me warm and fuzzy to know that my back-breaking labor allows the royalty to dine in such fashion. Was Hillary was reported to the knit snit website?:)
    cube- If she wears yellow next I will have enough material for a full fruit salad.
    rk- They are still a sitcom.
    PCC- LOL! Hide the hoookers and puffy interns!
    chuck- Send Hillary to the Congo and get her out of the way. What could go wrong in that corner of the world? Obviosly she has not been marginalized enough yet, eh?

  7. I'll bet Bill isn't alone in Vegas -- in the hotel room, I mean.