Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama 2009 Vacation #42

Whew! Time for a First Family vacation at a 28-acre, $50,000 a week, Martha’s Vineyard "farm". Add in a months lease, coupled with the Secret Service and their White House staff accomodations, the total tab on this little trip is estimated to be over $400,000 (not including any shaved ice treats for the girls).

Hey, EVERYBODY needs a vacation, and the Obamas haven't gotten away from it all IN OVER A WEEK! That was over $2 Trillion ago! Obama has to be exhausted.

You have to go all the way back to Friday, August 14 of this month when the Obamas flew out to Bozeman, Montana for a day at the Sun Ranch. Then it was off to Wyoming and a visit to Yellowstone National Park last Saturday, where the Obamas caused their own version of a bear jam of gawkers. Their Lib Jam gridlocked the area around the Old Faithful geyser for hours. Then it was off to Grand Junction, Colorado, followed the next day to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and finally Phoenix.

It has been nothing but work, work, work for the Obamas ever since. Obama never really loosened up in "flyover country", what with all the moose, hicks and country music. The Blue Heron Farm is more his speed, a secluded estate with tennis court, pool, golf tee and basketball court. I hope he gets his rest. It might be days before our president is allowed some free time again.


  1. Didn't the press raise a fuss over Bush's vacations?

  2. The Obama girls have been to Europe twice already, not BAD, eh?

    Imagine the press if Bush had spent this kind of money on ONE WEEK? Huffington called this section of Martha's Vineyard "the vacation destination for African American elites" and there was Prof Gates being interviewed by the slimeball Geraldo yesterday on FOX.

    You can't make this stuff up, Teeth!

  3. Well you can't expect the president to have to deal with all the wee wees in Washington during the dog days of August, do you?

  4. Chuck- You're right. That's all we heard about with Bush.
    Z- I missed the Gates interview. In fact, Ive missed everything in the last two days. Sunday was movein day for #1 son at ND. Monday was visitation day at Marquette in Milwaukee. LOOOONG drive home last night.
    cube- It would help his poll numbers if he stays outside the news.