Thursday, September 17, 2009

bun-in-a-knot Thursday

Sometimes my continuing mission of blogging for self-amusement gets detoured by news stories that get my bun in a knot.

On the foreign policy scene - we have Obama scrapping the missile shield in Europe, shortly after Sarkozy's warning that Iran is still working on a nuclear weapons program. Comb, swirl and bobby-pin.

On the domestic scene - we have bun-in-a-knot overload. On one hand, we have ACORN, which I must admit is a very efficient organization of nuts. Then we have PEANUT (an organization of one nut), a/k/a "president Carter", who has accused Obama's dissenters of being motivated by racism.

As for what motivates Carter, I am reminded of this scene from the movie Annapolis:

Twins: People who live in Arkansas, you know what their favorite state is?
Jake Huard: No.
Twins: Mississippi. Cause Mississippi's the only thing that keeps Arkansas from being the worst state in the whole country.

So in conclusion, Obama is Carter's Mississippi.

For the record, when I say something puts my bun in a knot, it is a figure of speech. I'm obviously a cornrow guy.

and then there was THIS outrage. Gentlemen, strong stomaches a must if you plan to watch the following video. You may want to have a box of tissues handy. This... *lip quivering* is... hard.

I'm sorry, but if my kid did this, I'd be dolling out a resolution of disapproval.


  1. Jimmie "I'll never lie to you" Carter didn't make any more sence even before he lost his marbles.

  2. Jimmy tking a break from his anti-Semitism campaign?

  3. Jimmy must be experiencing that malaise thingy again... *sigh*

  4. Arkansas/ much better can it get? Perfect, DB.

    Except it IS such an insult to both states......:-)