Wednesday, September 9, 2009

President Flounder Goes Fishing in Waterloo

What bait will Barry O use in his little health care fishing expedition speech tonight? I guess that just depends on what kind of fish he wants to land. If he uses earthworms on his rhetorical hook by throwing the gauntlet down and not bending on his demand for the public option in the bill, he will catch his limit of bottom-feeding and dim-witted carp (the liberal/socialist democrat base).

Obama is wading out into some cold waters tonight. The dim-witted carp need to scavenge in the sediments for it's sustenance, and the dim-witted carp will not bite the "artificial fly" of compromise. If Obama throws the public option overboard in an attempt to chum the waters and lure the Blue Dog fish, he will lose his smelly carp.

If, on the other hand, he wants to land a majestic and beautiful trout (the right), might I suggest he use a tea bag and use this speech tonight to confess the errors of his ways and to resign the presidency effective immediately.

Yah, right. Talk about a fish story!


  1. I predict he will show bold leadership -- tout the public option, then hint that he's willing to drop it just to get Obateddycare passed. He knows he can sneak it in later under a new name, the Free Stuff Option.

  2. From what I have been reading he is absolutely certain that he thinks he wants a public option in the plan.

  3. Same old lies. Can hardly wait till this war is over.