Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Blog Is A Proud Cog in The Right Wing Noise Machine

Joe Wilson, stand up, Joe, let 'em see you. Oh, God love ya, what am I talking about? I tell ya what, you're making everybody else stand up pal, thank you very much. I tell ya what, stand up for JOE!

According to this WaPo story, White House officials are engaged in an internal debate over how hard to hit back at their conservative opponents. I thought they had already settled on "twice as hard"?

"In a world with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and the Drudge Report and everything else that makes up the right-wing noise machine, nothing is clean and nothing is simple," a senior administration official said. "You don't stomp a story out.

You ride the wave and try to steer it to safe water."

Ride the wave and steer it to safe water? You're gonna need a bigger boat

There is a conservative tsunami coming and the Obama administration and democrat controlled house and senate can feel the cold waters rising around them. Their stimulus joy-riding in the back of Kennedy's lib mobile is coming to a predictable fate.

CRANK UP THE VOLUME on the "right-wing noise machine", guaranteed to drown out Obama and his siren song of lies.


  1. It's the early 80's again. We had a far left President that destroyed our economy and made the nation's defense the laughingstock of the world. This ushered in a new round of conservatism. Obama is just better and faster at bringing the change than Carter was.

  2. Let me say this here. The right is grasping for someone to come forward and take the lead, but it wasn't Joe the Plumber, and it isn't Joe the Jerk congressman. As an independent (as unbiased as one could be), I think they again need to look to Hollywood for the familiarity factor. How about Denzel Washington?

  3. Joe is da bomb!..wish he never apologized!

  4. Crank it up! Love the vid; can't resist, I have to share this link.

  5. Chuck- Obama makes Carter look good, that's for sure.
    dr hirk- Alas, there was only one Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of our time. Thompson is a good man, just toooo boring. As for Denzel, I don't know his politics and don't want to. Love his movies though.
    cube- I agree. No more quiet hand wringing.
    wht- Once was appropriate (for decorum's sake)
    RK- Nice! The Philharmonic. ZZzzz :)