Friday, October 2, 2009

An Outwardly Neutral Friday

The Detroit Red Wings open the regular season just in the Nick Lidstrom of time in Stockholm Sweden today against the St Louis Blues. Some of you know that I take pride in my Swedish heritage, with my Great-Grandpa Nils immigrating from the motherland in 1881. Many of you may also be aware of my extremely poor sports record when I come out and whoop it up on this blog. Therefore, I will try very hard to stay outwardly neutral.

Which one of these Swedes just doesn't belong?
Q: Henrik Zetterberg, Nicklas Lidstrom, Johan Franzen, Niklas Kronwall, Tomas Holmstrom, Jonathan Ericsson, Andreas Lilja, Daniel Larsson, or Jonas Jerebko?

A: They ALL belong. The first eight Swedes are Red Wings who are currently enjoying some home cooking. Last on the list, Jerebko, is a 6' 10" Swedish basketball player for the Detroit Pistons. Yah! We're taking over this town!

So in conclusion...
I wish good luck to both the Wings and the Blues today and St Louis chokes on the Swedish meatballs.

Oh, and I hope that Michigan and Michigan State embrace in brotherly hugs after a clean and well fought game this Saturday. May the best Wolverines team win. and may the couches burn in outrage on Cherry street

And who could forget The Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins battling for the final division playoff spot, with the Tigers two games up with three to play. Good luck boys. It's too bad both of you can't make it to the post season. DIE TWINKIE SCUM!.

Best of luck to Notre Dame and Washington on the ol' gridiron. GO IRISH! "MICHAEL VICK" THEM HUSKIES LIKE THE DOGS THEY ARE!


  1. I couldn't care LESS about any sport but basketball (Go LAKERS!...oh, we ALREADY WON...that's right:-)

    BUT, you make me laugh with your cross-outs in any case. have a great weekend, Chatter!
    May your teams win!! (unless they're playing Elbro's Steelers, of course!)

  2. Well... I am not off to a good start. The jinx runs deep. *sigh*

  3. The Tigers are doomed! Why Blade? Why????????????????

  4. The Tigers aren't doomed! They're just trying to make the Twins overconfident.

  5. Wow. I amaze myself sometimes.

    The Tigers had a 7 game lead on Sept. 6, and will officially have given it all away by the end of today's season finale.

    As for college football, MSU beat UM in a thriller (after I arrogantly came out in favor of UM). What's the big deal about that, you ask? Only that it's the first time in 42 years the Spartans have won two in a row in the series. I expect a thankyou card.

    The Red Wings open the season in Sweden. They have 8 Swedes to St Louis' one Sweded and still the Wings lose both games.

    The only game that went my way was the overtime Notre Dame victory over Washington. It takes the talent of Clausen and Tate to overcome my bad luck. That's how good the Irish are!