Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anita Dunn Chewing Cud

I'm not sure if the following was an actual Wrigley Winterfresh sugarfree gum commercial, but watching it compels me to rush to the store and purchase a pack or two:

Here are my suggestions for the next commercial. First, the auditions from my runners-up (DaBlade suggests that you turn your sound down and click them all simultaneously)

And the winning audition is...
White House Communications Director Anita Dunn! (DaBlade suggests that you turn your sound down any time you see Ms. Dunn, or any Obama apologist. Just put the following words in her mouth:

DUNN: "Winterfresh was the gum of choice by my favorite philosophers, Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa!"


  1. In any other administration, Dunne would be done. In the time of BO, she may survive her unbelievably stupid anti-American, anti-free speech statements.

  2. What do you expect from someone who idolizes Mao Tse Tongue?

  3. I think Dunn is gone because of the "we controlled the media" remark. The Mao bit was never a problem for the Obamites although they may have gotten bent about her admiring Mother Teresa.

  4. Dunn should be done but after all Hussein loves Mao too..barf!