Saturday, October 3, 2009

The President of the World Stuffed on Olympic Layup Attempt

Sung to the tune of Elvis Presley's - In The Ghetto

As the BO flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor IOC's decision is born
In the Rio
And Obama cries
'cause if there's one thing that he don't need
it's another Chattering Teeth Blog to read
'Bout the Rio

Obama says the Olympic committee "acted stupidly" in rejecting Chicago and insists they join him for a beer on the White House veranda to reconsider.

OBAMA: "We are still planning to host the 2016 Olympics, aaand I will fly back to Copenhagen (pause) to administer another dose of my rhetorical flourish. When the chips are down, I turn on my teleprompter aaaand speak in a hynoptic cadence (pause) thaaat compels folks to listen and bends them to my will. It has always worked before."

BLADE: Mr. President, what are you going to say to the obviously racist members of the OIC that you haven't already said on the first trip?

OBAMA: Listen, I understand the IOC selected Rio de Janeiro, but I will ask them to change their minds. Nobody is going to force them to change their Olympic venue plan. If they like their original Olympic venue plan, they may keep it. But my Olympic Chicago option will increase competition and the athlete's choice for sports care.

BLADE: What if this pitch doesn't work either?

OBAMA: Everyone knows thaaat Chicago will get the Olympics at some point. If the IOC members want Rahm to save them a good seat, they'll play ball.

BLADE: Mr. President, I don't know why more and more folks consider you an imbecilic and incompetent boob. You are obviously crazy like a fox sir.

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand.

So in conclusion, here are the aforementioned videos side-by-side for your listening pleasure.
Elvis - In The GhettoDuran Duran - Rio


  1. "aaaand" (that about slayed me....I always use that when mimicking our fearless leader!)

    As for the lyrics...Man, you ROCK, Chatterer...>But do NOT make me listen to IN THE GHETTO. It was bad enough listening to the melody in my head as I read your wonderful lyrics!

    Our President LOST...HURRAH! (I wish that felt better, ya know?)

  2. The new lyrics cracked me up! I could practically hear Elvis singing them.

  3. They have decided that this is Bush's fault. Obama is going back to explain Bush is no longer President so they don't have to hate us anymore