Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Oily Nose Thursday

Don't skip the TV ads: You'll miss the plot
LOS ANGELES — In television's latest quest to discourage viewers from skipping ads, actors from NBC and ABC shows are appearing in character in commercials to interact with products in parallel story lines.

This new kind of commercial further blurs the line between program and advertisement and comes as traditional product placements within shows, an early response to fast-forwarding, have become common.
That's just great! If this catches on, I'll never get to "powder my nose"! I always wait to powder my nose during the commercial breaks so I don't miss anything important. If Dr. House starts showing up popping Vicodin in the Cialis Commercials while pushing the plot line along, my nose will just have to wait for powdering. I hope they're happy! If my nose goes over 4 hours without powder, I will need immediate medical attention.

If this works for advertisers, you can bet that Obama will jump into the fray. The guy is in constant campaign mode, jumping from network to network with his teleprompter in tow. It has to irritate him to see the ratings from his numerous propaganda sessions continuously plummet. How long before we see Obama and his socialist agenda product-placed in every TV ad? Then again, the nose would get ample and repeated powderings.

I say keep the shows and the commercials separate! Dr. House shouldn't cross over into the Dr. Pepper ads. Speaking of which, the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial currently running is my favorite! I'd love to see these characters used in a full-length Christmas special!

Sweet chocolate candy marshmellow jelly bean! THAT IS GOOOOD!


  1. Next thing you know NBC is going to sell a bunch of Obama stuff online further blurring the lines

  2. I KNEW they'd get us for using Tivo to skip through commercials! I suppose it's payback time.

    Most of the actors and actresses on these shows think Michael Moore is a saint for rejecting the idea of capitalism.

    And yet they're hawking products for profit on national TV.

  3. 4 hours of TV? And you still have time to blog! Who are you? Superman?

  4. rk- I'm not Superman, but I'd like to think of myself as an inaction hero when it comes to watching tv and jinxing my favorite teams just by my interest.