Friday, March 29, 2013

It has begun, Lord

IMPORTANT MEMO TO SELF (and any googlers who have stumbled here because they misspelled "buffoonery" in their search bar) - My political satire and my childish bufoonery bufoonary bafoonary baffoonary buffunery will return next week.

Great article for Good Friday.
"Behold I Make All Things New" (Rev. 21:5)
"...The devil also reasons that if God is so good, as many claim, than why do people have to suffer, even for a moment?"

Through His crucifixion, death and resurrection Jesus makes all things new. He will use every trial, hardship and suffering that we are willing to offer Him, to transform this world. Though it seems hard to believe that suffering and pain can bring about any good within our own lives, let alone within the world, it magnificently reflects the splendor of Christ who takes the rags and filth of our sufferings and turns them into pure gold.


  1. Because without trials, without suffering, we wouldn't be able to grow spiritually, or appreciate the many blessings that we do have.

  2. what a gorgeous Easter post and wonderful, important message.

    I'm so glad I spelled buffoonery wrong :-)

    God bless you, DaBlade. I hope you come by today or Sunday to GeeeZ, where we are celebrating the greatest gift man ever got.

  3. David, you got that right. He showed us how. The community of the faithful have REAL hope - freely given, not deserved, not even 'fair' - and certainly not given by Caesar. For it is not Caesar's to give. Have a blessed Easter.

    Z,Thank you for thinking of me. I know better than to believe you arrived here by misspelling my middle name in google :) Thinking of you too on this blessed day!

  4. I have to admit that I'm having a crisis of faith lately. Not a loss of faith, you understand. It's just that the AOW household has such troubles (as you probably know).

    This Holy Season, I'm trying very hard to get closer to my Lord and Savior. After all, look at how much He loved and still loves me!

  5. A mighty AMEN, and AMEN again, to all of the above!

    AOW, please know that I will lift you and your household up in my prayers. At times, a crisis in faith (as you say, "not a LOSS in faith") brings us closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and to our Heavenly Father. I know... I've been there more than once.

  6. Marine4ever,
    Thank you. Mr. AOW and I covet your prayers.

  7. Well said M4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family too AOW.

  8. the question remains:
    How do you spell bufunary?

  9. When you find out, Ed, please let me know. That's one of those words I use so often! LOL!