Sunday, March 3, 2013

Worst School Field Trip Ever?

I love the humor for this very serious topic during Colorectal Awareness Month, and Detroit Free Press staff writer Zlati Meyer does a fantastic job in this video (down below).

"we're here inside an inflatable colon. What is the number two most important thing to remember about colorectal health?"

What I don't get are the kids of elementary age, on what appears to be a really crappy school field trip to this large inflatable colon. These kids are about 40 years away from their first colonoscopy, so they aren't really the best target audience in my opinion. (Then again, how many cool places can you still take kids in Detroit?)

When I was this age, our school field trips involved a day at the Mott Farm petting zoo, or maybe an educational romp through Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village.

TEACHER: "Don't forget children, your permission slips are due tomorrow, and remember to check your field trip preference for this year: Do you want to ride a bus to see Thomas the Train, or a large poop chute full of gas?"

I'm going to look into whether or not they rent this "tent" out. This would be the perfect Open House tent for our last graduating senior this year. And/or we could take this "turd motel" camping with us to Mackinaw this year.


  1. Oh, imagine being one of those kids - "We went inside a giant butthole!" The joys of being a fourth-grader again...

  2. David, when you say "giant butthole" do you mean the city of Detroit or the inflatable? :)