Monday, April 28, 2014

The 28th Chernobyl Anniversary Dinner

My wife and I went to dinner Saturday to celebrate the 28th Anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which just coincidentally shares the same exact date as when we were married.
(Happy Anniversary Babe, Now go get me a cold one!)
We toast to another year, EVERY year! I mean, with a half life of a couple thousand years, we are 28 years closer to being able to honeymoon in northern Ukraine.

My wife and I are separated in age by 4 years and 4 months. Not that big of deal now, and not that unusual of an age spread. I did meet her just prior to her 15th birthday (well, you do the math) and apparently this was considered scandalous and worthy of joke-making over the years. Hey, she was mature for her age, and I'm still waiting. Of course, there have always been the obligatory "school bus" jokes and "Big Wheel" jokes over the years, what with several brothers chiming in.

I only mention this as evidence that I "dug" her despite her age, not because of it. Over the years, I have joked with the misses that I married young so she would be in good shape to spoon feed me my oatmeal down the road. She hasn't warmed up to that idea yet, but I'm hoping I have a few more decades to get her to quit looking for a retirement home for me.

I mention all this as context for this picture I posted on Facebook to everyone's amusement Saturday. I thought I might as well include my blog friends.

Kids, I don't care WHAT your uncles tell you. This is NOT...
I hate to get all sentimental, but I'm just gonna put it out there. As I look at this picture and tear up, I am reminded of first love. Oh sure, you were quite a bit younger than I was when we met, but you were not without many years of experience. and we did hit a few potholes over the years, but we managed to perservere. When your under carriage started to drag, I moved on and have ridden many since those days. But there is nothing like a first love. Thanks for the memories, my 1976 Camaro Rally Sport. Oh, and Happy Anniversary to the wife!

I apologize for not posting a picture of my plate of food I ate for my Chernobyl Anniversary celebration dinner, breaking an unspoken FB rule of sorts. I wasn't carrying my phone (and I don't mean this to brag, but my phone apparently has a built in camera).

As I've mentioned before, I quit carrying my phone. A side benefit is that it makes it harder for the government to track me. In fact, if the government is tracking me by my cell phone GPS chip, they must think I haven't left the dark, yet comfortable confines of my bedroom closet in months. Haha! I actually only spend a few hours a week in there, curled into a ball and sobbing. Buffoons!

As for the line-of-sight drone picture taken from 30 thousand feet of my 12-ounce medium rare Sirloin with a side of mashed Cesium 137, it was delish!


  1. Happy Anniversary Chernobyl! Oh, and you and your wife too. :)
    Hey, hubby and I have you beat. We're approaching the 35 year mark and there's 8 years difference between us. We also hear lots of Big Wheel jokes, etc. I just tell everyone I married him for his money. [We're middle class or WHERE until O'Blamer's Goosesteppers took over.] After a shocked look, they usually laugh and move on.
    Congrats again! Sparky ~:)

  2. If you come out of the closet, I don't want to know about it.
    If your wife's okay with it, doesn't bother me.
    Happy, Happy, Happy!

  3. Sparky, Thank you, and 35 years is awesome! Glad I'm not the only one to suffer the abuse for robbing the cradle. I just hope your anniversary is shared by an infamous man made or natural disaster, as it has always helped me remember the day and kept me out of hot water.

    Ed, Haha! Back to the confines of the kitchen pantry for me. Thanks.

  4. I've got nothing to complain about either one of your points.

    My dad met my mother when she was 15 and, after a few strictly chaperoned visits, they got married when my mom was 16. That was ages ago.

    My husband and I got married on Sept. 10th thirty years ago. Talk about some cold water being poured onto your anniversary...

    I hope you and Mrs. DaBlade's anniversary was a happy one.

  5. Thanks cube, we did. And no oatmeal!