Friday, April 25, 2014

Obama Asia Tour Pop Quiz

President Obama wraps up his visit with Japan, leaving for South Korea later today in the next leg of his Asia tour. Let's see if you were paying attention while he was in Japan.


The Japanese press were upset that obama left his (BLANK) at home.
a) Golf clubs
b) Vice President Joe Biden
c) Choom gang
d) wife, The First Lady, Michelle Obama

2  Obama was caught bowing again, this time to a (BLANK)
a) half eaten plate of sushi
b) 90 degree sand wedge
c) bowl of noodles
d) male Japanese Robot

3  Obama was criticized for not being able to finish his (BLANK)
a) male Japanese Robot
b) wife, The First Lady, Michelle Obama
c) golf round
d) half eaten plate of sushi

ANSWER KEY (all 'd')
But I would like to dispute ONE of these...

I'm just happy that Michelle was able to join her husband (the one in the sensible shoes) in Tokyo before the president departs for South Korea later today. This should FINALLY put to rest the rumors of divorce, as well as indescriminate rampages through the Japanese capital, toppling buildings and breathing fire at fleeing taxis.

**whispering urgently** Psssst! Mr. President... That is not the First Lady! Please quietly extricate yourself from the scaly creature and move away slowly... DO NOT RUN!

OBAMA: Uhhhh... What are you talking about? Not Michelle? Why I'd recognize her anthropomorphic torso, muscular arms, furrowed brow and hot breath anywhere! Oh sure, the spikes along the back and tail are new, but who's to say that's not an improvement?

BONUS QUESTION:  Who picks up a bus and throws it back down
As (they) wade through the buildings toward the center of town?

Hint: "More Cow Bell!" (no, not Mooshell)



  1. I think looking like Godzilla is a step up... I'm just sayin'.

  2. Well, you and the president seem to think so! Re: question 2, if obama bowed to a half eaten plate of sushi and none of his press minions were there to capture the image, does this mean it didn't happen?

  3. Raw fish and Obama: One of these thing is much like another.

  4. enough wasabi on each and they become increasingly palatable.

  5. Obama was caught bowing again, this time to a robot.

    A puppet on a string is very likely to bow to a robot.