Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy El Diablobama Day! Only 666 Days Till Obama Is Out Of Office

According to the official countdown clock...

What, you never heard of El Diablobama Day? Well, that's because I just made it up. If Frank Costanza from Seinfeld can create his own holiday called Festivus, then why can't I?

El Diablobama Day for the rest of us!

... ummm... never mind. I'm still working out the traditions for El Diablobama Day, but I'm pretty sure we will also include the "Feats of Strength" involving after dinner stories of how each of us are coping with this catastrophe of an administration.

If you plan on celebrating El Diablobama Day with me, you'd better hurry as it only happens once. On March 26 of next year, there will be 301 days left to suffer obama, and that doesn't really work.

I suppose there is a chance El Diablobama Day will come around again, say in 2019 and 2023 (obama's 3rd and 4th terms), assuming there is "proof thro' the night, that our flag was still there," and flag poles have not turned into unadorned Festivus aluminum poles.

Let's travel back and peak at a couple of  El Diablobama's 'achievements'...

Here we see El Diablobama back in the Holy Land telling lies to some Jew

Here we see a confused El Diablobama incorrectly interpreting reason why Jesus fasted for forty days in the wilderness. HINT: It was NOT because He forgot to bring along His food "taster" The scripture verse says "tester" not "taster.

Is Obama The Devil? And Did Jesus Lose His EBT?


  1. I started to list here the lines I thought so GREAT in your piece but it got too many so I dropped the know how you said "I like when you said....."

    This is a fabulous piece and I laughed.

    And will probably cry because it's still SO MANY DAYS.
    Odd it's 666 .... let's hope we get through this day :-)

  2. Haha! Glad you laughed! Z, you always crack me up.