Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday Strange: Kerry Hails Progress on Obama's March Madness Bracket, as The Iran Ayatollahs Advance to Sweet 16

It was indeed a very strange Saturday. Let's see who was paying attention. Class, get your pencils out, turn your cell phones off and no talking.


I.  After the NC State Wolfpack upset the top seeded Villanova Wildcats to advance in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, what caused their post game locker room video to go viral?

A) N.C. State’s Cat Barber overheard asking, “the f… (is) wrong with Barack Obama” due to the president selecting Villanova as his bracket pick.

B) N.C. State’s Cat Barber overheard yelling, "Death to America", due to the president selecting Villanova as his bracket pick.

C) N.C. State’s Cat Barber overheard singing Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” and exhibits these hilarious dance moves.

II. The day after Obama urged Iran to seize ‘historic opportunity,’ Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei told a crowd in Tehran.:

A)  “Of course yes, death to America!"

B) “the f… (is) wrong with Barack Obama”?

C) It is true the honeymoon’s already over for “The Bachelor” Chris Soules and fiancĂ©e Whitney Bischoff, and they aren't even married yet - causing the crowd to respond, "Death to the bachelor!"... "Death to the bachelor!"


III. Khamenei calls (A)__________ as Kerry hails progress on (B)_____________.

(A) "Death to America", "to congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu", "Jimmy John's and orders the  J.J.B.L.T. with 6 slices of bacon"
(B) "nuke deal", "Obama's March Madness Bracket", "his turkey sub"

IV. (A)__________  Ted Cruz to announce (B)_____________.

(A) "Texas Senator", "Iran’s Supreme leader", "NC State point guard"
(B) "presidential run", “the f… (is) wrong with Barack Obama”, "four corner stall"

QUOTE: "What I dream is that for one election ... every black person in America vote Republican."

A) ESPN 'First Take' host Stephen A. Smith

B) MSNBC 'All In' with effeminate host Chris Hayes

MSNBC 'Rachel Maddow Show' with manly host of the same name (if not gender) Rachel Maddow


II & III, 

So how did you do?


Ed Bonderenka said...

I keep hearing about this guy named "Rachel". What gives?
He doesn't look like Alfonso Rachel.

cube said...

OMGosh, your post made me realize that Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes weren't the same person... I can tell by the way they part their hair.

DaBlade said...

Ed, A VERY small audience of people have ever caught a glimpse of Rachel Madcow, and those who do are usually high and can't remember what he looks like.

cube, Hmmm. An interesting hypothesis which may require further study.