Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Does Trump Dream in Complete Sentences?

Donald Trump was tired. He had been stumping all day, and his campaign had just released his statement that he was not going to participate in the Thursday night FOX News debate. "They're not being fair!," he whined.  He lay in bed wearing his footie jammies and sending the day's last tweet about his greatness, and a few more "bimbo" Megyn Kelly insults. He fell asleep holding his phone... Zzzzzzzzzzzz

cue wavy lines for blog dream sequence...
Donald could see the headlines now!

Trump's Reykjavik Moment

Chattering Teeth News -- Donald Trump's showdown with Fox News is reminiscent of President Ronald "Maximus" Reagan's famous walk-out in Reykjavik on Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at the 1986 summit nuclear treaty talks. Reagan's refusal then to bow to the Soviet's demands to discard the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) resulted in a temporary breakdown in negotiations, but ultimately was a pivotal domino in the fall of the Soviet empire.

The 2016 version of the "Star Wars"Strategic Debate Initiative pits GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, against Megyn Kelly, the lightweight Fox News host who has a sordid history of treating Mister Trump unfairly by asking him questions.

"Frankly, when the history books are written, my heroic battle against the Fox News empire will be much more significant a turning point for our nation than was Reagan's little hissy fit in Iceland," stated Trump. "In fact, Reagan was a nasty guy that everybody disliked. I would have gotten along with Gorbachev, this I will tell you."

Trump went on to say that, as author of a very huge book titled 'The Art of the Deal', he would have negotiated a deal with Gorbachev and gotten along with the Democrats better than Reagan did, as they  were angry at Reagan for walking out in Reykjavik.

"Frankly, I don't know if the Soviet union would have fallen under a Trump presidency in the 80's, but my ratings and poll numbers would have been much better than Reagan's because he was such a nasty guy. Hey, it's not me who is saying this... others are saying this about me. In fact, they call me the Reagan candidate, is what they call me. This, I will tell you, frankly. Yuuuge." boasted Trump.


A newly arrived tweet awakens the slumbering Trump. He swings his legs over the side of the bed and slips into his bunnie slippers and reads his new tweet...


Biden's Empty Podium will be filling in for Trump at the debate, and experts agree his stump speeches are much more coherent and could boost his campaign.


  1. A podium would be better....kind of like Eastwood's empty chair!?

    By the way, did you know Trump refers to THE ART OF THE DEAL as "Second to the Bible?"

  2. Hi Z, I hadn't heard that, but I would be surprised if he listed his book as subordinate even to the Bible. Clearly, he has never opened one up after that "Two Corinthians" fiasco. That's ok. I doubt God has read Trump's silly little tome either.

  3. Perfect analogy! I shared this link on Twitter. ~:)

  4. Let’s ask FOX to host the national elections.
    Maybe Trump will sit them out.

  5. Hey, Thanks Sparky! Does #realDonaldTrump follow you?

    Ed, LOVE that idea! Not sure his TrumpBots care, tho.

  6. That reminds me... two Corinthians walked into a bar. Three ducked.