Wednesday, January 6, 2016

TV Paperboys Wanted!

what??? You can roll up one of LG's 18-inch TVs like a newspaper.

This old ex-newspaper man feels like a Phoenix rising from Arizona!
None of these TV will be sold this year -- and it's possible they may never hit stores. It's also not totally clear why you'd want to roll up or bend your TV.
Well, there goes THAT idea. I had visions of a synergy between the old world and new world. I envisioned a paperboy standing on a porch of a customer, attempting to collect $5,000 for the previous week's delivery of rollable TV newspapers. (only $4,995 on EZPay!).

I know you're home, uncle Jim. I saw the curtains move!

I remember more than a few after-school street football, baseball or hockey games being busted up by the appearance of my paper bundle hauler stacking my bundles curbside.

Time to roll the papers!
Oh well. The more I think of it, these TV papers will likely be delivered by driverless Google cars who won't need a cigar-chomping district manager.


  1. You can swat a fly with it... isn't that worth every penny of the probably usurious cost of the thing ;)

  2. Nice, but I'm still waiting for my flying car. ~:)

  3. I'm looking forward to using wolfey blitzkriegs face as toilet paper.

  4. cube, YES! Or line your bird cage with it. Just make sure the TV newspaper is turned on to section "The View".

    Sparky, It would be a disappointment compared to the hogs you're used to flying :)

    Kid, I was thinking Joy Behar, but wolfey certainly works too. What good is a newspaper if it doesn't have numerous 'inserts'?

  5. Looks like I am now stealing my baby boy's identity (above). Hey, that's the perils of using the family computer.

  6. Joshua: Are you as funny or funnier than your dad? You can work it out.. we'll wait ;)

  7. cube, He has been called my "mini me" by his mother, who doesn't seem to get all our jokes :) Every time I say something not considered funny, it is Josh posting under my log in.

    Ed, Not for a high tech drone bird. This could work!