Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hillary Coughs up a SandersBall at Iowa Event

Hillary suffers massive coughing fit at Iowa event


We interrupt this blog post to bring you this very important message from our pseudo-sponsor:
Benghazi-DM, When you need relief now, but will have to wait for 13 hours. But at this point, what difference does it make? You've already coughed up a "Sanders ball".

In all seriousness... Hillary, please accept this glass of local Flint tap water. It will stop your cough.


cube said...

How do I best convey my best Snidely Whiplash laugh... nhyah hah hah. That's what I'm hearing 'cause Hill is in the running for best of our most recent villains in history, but she's so good she's gotten away with it for years. I'm hoping for a choke-ball that makes her sit out the election, but the MSM being what it is, they'll say the choking was due to some pre-biotic yogurt she ate recently. Any excuse will do when you want to protect an entitled dem.

Sparky said...

I just wish someone would stuff a sock in that woman's mouth and make her go away. (Sorry, can't think of anything funny.) Excellent post as always. ~:)

DaBlade said...

cube, oh, you know they will circle the wagons to protect her. LOVED the Snidley Whiplash reference. She is one scary woman.

Sparky, PICK ME, PICK ME! :)