Friday, January 15, 2016

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Cabin Boy, Barack Hussein Obama, go Fishing in the Persian Gulf

OBAMA: I couldn't watch that GOP debate last night and listen to all that mean, nasty and ugly stuff said about me. Instead, I went fishing with my BFF, President Rouhani. Now THEREs a guy who appreciates my accomplishments.


  1. I didn't recognize Barry since he wasn't bent over kissing Rouhani's [fill in the blank]. ~:)

  2. "It was such a fine catch, that I just couldn't release it right away." said Obama. "It was groveling at my feet flopping around gasping for air to my excitement. I just couldn't send it back to it's home so soon, so I dressed it up in a head scarf and played with it for awhile."

  3. Sparky, LOL! However, rest assured that Hussein projected the proper deference to his superior officer, Hassan by repeatedly bowing. The photo simply caught Hussein when in the upright position between bows. As proof, I give you our groveling navy apologizing at gunpoint, and obama offering to clean Rouhani's catch for him.

    Dr. H, Welcome, good doctor. I believe your prognosis has merit. Obama hates these fish.