Saturday, January 16, 2016

Witty Comics

I call today's witty comic, #feelthebern

Nobody finds my humor funnier than I do (LOL!), so imagine my delight when discovering yet another outlet for me to express my hilarity to myself (LOL!)!

This is the third comic I've made using the witty comics website. I have no idea who runs it, but it looks like its been around awhile. (There is no 'embed', so I had to cut and paste the last panel underneath so it would fit the blog format her)

Registration is free, and the interface is straightforward. You only get 3 strip panels for your comic canvas masterpiece - and two characters per panel - so choose wisely. You may also scroll from an assortment of backgrounds.

Once you've selected your choice of characters and background, its time to put words in their mouth. Just select the speech bubble shape, type word thingys in the text space, and voila! Instant comedy!

Maybe. I've scrolled thru some of the comics in their archives... let me just say I believe they must be happy to finally have me.

Today's assignment for my blog friends - make a comic and share the link in the comments here. Just try not to be funnier than your blog host.

So in conclusion...


  1. But if you take the 269 stores and divide them among 300 million people, that comes out to a million $ each!

  2. That's preposterous. You forgot to carry the two.... Its a million and a half!!

  3. I'll try the site but no way could I be Funnier Than Thou. *grin* ~:)

  4. dr h, HAHA! Your comic was flagged as 'mature', requiring me to sign up. Curiosity got the best of me. Hot coffee shot thru one's nose can be painful. Ahhh, childhood memories, eh cuz?

    Sparky, You have been waaay funnier than me on more than a few occasions and are on my 'watch list'