Friday, January 29, 2016

I support that guy on the far right over Trump

I did watch the GOP "undercard" debate last night, as well as the first half of the main event before nodding off. Disinterest can be exhausting.

That said, I did only dedicate about 15% of my attention span to the undercard showdown as it projected into my livingroom, launched from my smart TV. 

PICTURED: Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina and...

Seriously, who is this guy? I have no idea. He could be the janitor... or just someone who snuck in from backstage door that was left unlocked. I don't mean to disparage the gentleman, I literally have no clue who he is.

He may be a fine man and ex-county clerk or dog catcher from Tecumseh. I still don't. I would google search for the answer, but every time I try to focus on the topic of his identity, I suffer from an attack of narcolepsy. I'm sorry, what were we talking about? Oh yah, who is that guy on th... Zzzzzzz

Frankly, I would vote for this guy before I would waste a vote on Trump, this I can tell you.


  1. I'd support any of them that are on the Far Right too but I think we've been T-rumped. ~:)

  2. I'm surprised you watched. As much as we poke fun, any one of these people would do a better job than Hill or Bern.

  3. I think that guy is the anti-Christ.

  4. Not just a dog catcher, but my dog would do better than Trump.

  5. Sparky, You got that. I wondered if anyone would. I'm with you too.

    cube, Can't argue that. I only watched hoping for blog fodder :)

    Kid, If he wins when he comes out of nowhere... Hmmmm... No, El Diablobama is definitely a democrat.

    Ed, Probably has more complete thoughts also.