Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd

Where no man would ever want to go...
(WARNING! Captain Kirk's restraint is painful, and this blog refuses to believe that Picard would have suffered this assault as long...)

Apparently, this nasty woman's rant has caused a Judd Family Feud!


  1. I have less restraint that Kirk or Picard. I couldn't even listen to a full minute of that left wing nut job without wanting to pull out my hair.

    Oh, here's a tissue for you fabulously rich crazy person, I'll cry with you until the men from the booby hatch come for you.


  2. The loons are out in full force. I hadn't been able to listen to more than a few seconds of her unintelligible rant until someone put it on the Enterprise screen. I hope you at least fast-fwded this to the satisfying payoff.

  3. What delivery! What timing and pacing!
    What a maroon!

  4. Yes, she blowed up good, she blowed up real good. There is that.

  5. Ed, you remind me a lot of another Ed I used to work with. That's a good thing. There is only one Special Ed though.

    cubeI would have opted for both phaser banks AND the cannons. But it got done good :)