Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Obama's Moving Day Hidden Picture Puzzle

Can you find them all???
Speaking of moving day, Obama found some help!
I meant George in Nairobi.


  1. If I had to guess, the Secret Service detail for the Obama family will be as detested as the Clinton detail.

    Considering the current proposed plans of Trump, the Secret Service might find a bunch of bureaucrats needing work, and a supply of new agents to keep the good agents from quitting.

    Hiring Agent: "Do you have any experience in law enforcement?"

    Applicant: "No, but I did work on the "Hope and Change" pamphlet project before the second election of Obama."

    Hiring Agent: "Excellent! When can you start?"

  2. I'll bet they steal some stuff from the white house and Don't get called on it. Like the clinton's did but had to bring it back.

  3. Jess, the quicker he falls into irrelevancy, the better. I'm afraid it might take a while, and there doesn't seem to be a shortage of jackasses in Washington to take their place.

    Kid, he hasn't been called out on any of his criminal activities for 8 years so its a safe bet he can take as much as he can carry (and then some).