Monday, January 9, 2017

I apologize in advance for this highly offensive graphic

Hmmm. Grama Ruth's "greens" fried in bacon grease.
And everything my mom ever made for me.


  1. My mother's beef stroganoff made with McCormick mix and ground beef - I know it's crazy, but my wife insists on making the sauce homemade with round steak. Grandma Ruth's rhubarb cobbler and Grandma Freer's cinnamon rolls.

  2. Oh Man. Every time we were taken to Grandma's, she made us a Root Beer Float. I can still taste them 50 years later - And still see her smiling face. Thanks for the memory.

  3. I was a very finicky eater as a child. My grandmother liked to make stews and what I considered "yukky grown up" food that was very good, but not as memorable as the meal I had the day I came home from school to find that my mom had given birth to my new baby sister. My grandmother asked me what I wanted to eat and I asked for french fries. She cut up potatoes, fried them up and smiled as I wolfed down a giant plateful. Now that I have an adult palate, I'd give anything to have her "yukky grown up" food now.

  4. dr hirkimer, you sure did your mother's Christmas fudge proud at Uncle Chuck's party. Grdma Ruth's rhubard cobbler was spectacular (but I do like the modern version with the strawberries thrown in). I think my best memories involving our Sunday visits was when gdma Ruth let me go out into the garden and dig up the potatoes for the meal. ANd awesome cooking is in your Italian bride's blood:)

    Ed, I bet it was spectacular. When I think of tuna casserole, I think of the first week or two of marriage. It was all my new bride knew how to make! She has learned quite well over the years, as evidenced by my ample waistline.

    Kid, That sounds memorable. my memories of root beer from my childhood involves the Flint City jail. It was directly across the street from the local A&W and as kids we would conversate with them thru their windows.

    cube, homemade fries. Interesting what foods we associate with loved-ones who have passed. I know we just miss them and look forward to the Grand Buffet beyond some day. I get to be the one to dig up the potatoes!!