Sunday, January 8, 2017

Woman Worships Cardboard Cutout of Obama

It appears this Illinois woman can't bear to see President Obama leave office — so she's taking him with her wherever she goes. - (She) has become well-known on the streets of Chicago for carrying around a life-sized cardboard cutout of President Obama... "I take [him] with me whenever I can. He actually folds up so it's very travel friendly."

Yes. we've found that the actual obama folds at the waist rather easily in a full treasonous bow when in the presence of third-world dictators and despots.

How times have changed. I remember back when the cardboard cutout of obama lead in the Chattering Teeth polls.

BTW, guess who else loves his life size obama cardboard cutout? That's right! The narcissist-in-chief himself!
I only wish this cardboard cutout was more forthcoming on how it spent those lost 13 hours during the Benghazi attacks. Was he 'napping' too?

Enuff snarkasm. Back to the bimbo with the corrugated cardboard crony:
"I was raised by a single mother, and to me, Barack Obama meant that possibilities exist," (the woman) explained. "Things were possible, and dreams could really come true."

How'd that hopey changey treat ya, lady? As for being "raised by a single mother," I say God Bless her - but obama would have had her just kill you in the womb. 

"People get really excited about this Barack Obama cut out," she said, explaining that people often approach her, and tell her their own experiences relating to Obama's presidency. "He's gotten a lot of damage because people just want to hold him, and carry him, and hug him."

...Or throw him in the recycling bin, I imagine. Well, my friends, our version of BOXING DAY is almost here. If box cutters could be responsible for taking down the towers, they certainly can handle this cardboard obamanation.

And that's the memo.

IN OTHER NEWS - Finally, after several years of outcry regarding this long-running show that has left a bloody trail of victims, his time is coming to an end. The reign of this  half black, half white killer with the funny name is almost over.

Sale of Shamu's Cardboard Stand-Up for $34.99 are expected to be brisk. Get yours now for the short time he is still performing.

Wha? WhoDidJa think I meant?


  1. Last link broken.
    the suspense is killing me.

  2. He's definitely been a killer...of economy, optimism, race relations, trust in our spy groups, open media, babies, marriage, ...ugh

  3. Funny, You know she sleeps with the thing too and probably has accessories for it.

  4. Z, Don't forget the dead police he is responsible for. Reminds me of Charles Manson, widely considered one of the most heinous serial killers. Yet, like Obama, he never personally killed anyone.

    Kid, we can only pray to mother Gaia that the two will be one big happy meal.