Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Year 1AD of the new Trumpian Calendar

It was the first day of the new year 1 AD ("After Donald") and there was a lot to rebuild after the pillage and destruction from the previous 8 years from 8BC through 1BC ("Barack's Change").

The new president inherits a country severely divided. The media has been complicit in the continued indoctrination of these masses, taking up where the state schools and institutions of higher 'learning' have left off.

Half the population is so confused they aren't even sure which bathroom they are supposed to use. They have spent the last several decades trying to normalize and streamline mental illness. They worship the environment, and the mutilated and dismembered corpses of their offspring are their sacrament.

And Barack Obama was their ultimate Caesar. He spent 8 years in his Colosseum of Change, giving a thumbs up to cop killers and Black Lives Matter, anti-Semites, moozlim clerics, 3rd world dictators, the LGBTQ and sometimes Y community, Eco terrorist, illegal aliens, dead babies, low esteem #Bernie snowflakes and the rest of the statist America-haters; while giving a thumbs down to God, guns and our constitution.

And then there's moi' and the rest of us.

Now don't get me wrong. I LIKE change. Change has been very, very good to me. Sometimes I actually WANT change. When I am at a vending machine and I am really thirsty, I want change. When I am parked in front of a parking meter on a busy downtown street, I want change. When I have an unfortunate occurrence of cheese a$$ on a hot summer day, I want change.

And when I have been subjected to 8 years of tyranny from the obama statist machine, I want CHANGE BACK.

"Hey obama, now that you're out of work, be a doll and go get me a coke, some coins for the meter... and wash my shorts."

Lincoln once famously said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Well if that's the case, I say, "All democrats meet out on the back deck immediately for participation trophies and free stuff!"


  1. Good stuff. Trumpian Calendar Heh!

    Will we need to secede? Maybe so, I just don't see liberals changing. Have them secede actually would be better.

  2. Kid, thanks. AS for seceding, I prefer to think of it as irreconcilable differences and a mutual separation agreement. But they can't have California. I want California back (we can make Z the governor). We'll put all the snowflakes in Montana. Trump can build a wall around it's perimeter and the goofballs can stare at the Glaciers and babble on about man-made climate change.

  3. Perfect, I'd say put them to the North where they won't be worrying about climate change as they freeze all winter. We'll take the South.