Monday, January 2, 2017

Obama's Upcoming Farewell Speech - the most eagerly awaited speech of the last 8 years

Obama Plans Farewell Speech From Chicago
(This is ONE obama speech I am eagerly awaiting.)
HONOLULU — President Obama will give a farewell address next week from Chicago, his hometown, most likely his last chance to defend his legacy directly to the country before Donald J. Trump is sworn in, the White House announced on Monday.

...He added: “So I hope you’ll join me one last time. Because, for me, it’s always been about you.”

Wait... did he really say that? It's always been about who?
OK, makes perfect sense now.

Per a quick google search, Obama used the pronouns "I" and "me" and the adjective "my"--199 times in a speech he delivered in 2014 vowing to use unilateral executive action to achieve his policy goals that Congress would not enact through the normal, constitutional legislative process.

He referred to himself 45 times during his speech at a memorial service in Dallas for the five slain police officers.

Obama referenced himself 119 times when endorsing Hillary AT HER convention.

In fact, it has been documented that "President Narcissism" refers to himself once every 12 SECONDS on average in a 40 minute speech.

By contrast, President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was only 272 words and did not include any form of the first person singular.

Mr. Obama said in the email that he was “just beginning to write my remarks.”

I'm thinking this could make a fun "Over/Under" wager pool. Shall I set the odds at "200" for the number of times Obama refers to himself in this speech? Any "under" takers?


  1. He might say "farewell", but he won't go away until there are no more mirrors or televisions.

    When he says "farewell", while preparing to jump from the edge of an erupting volcano, then he may go away....or not. He likes the publicity, and that would get him at least two weeks on the alphabet networks. After proclaiming he had a mental health issue, he could go on Dr. Phil, write a book, and start a not-for-profit organization for reformed narcissists.

  2. To quote myself, he plans to be an activist gadfly in the political ointment for a long time. His brain won't be able to process not being in the limelight - who wouldn't want to hear ME - and there will be plenty of delusional media flunkies to encourage his raging narcissism.

  3. ya, it's all about US, from the president who said "I" more times in one speech than all other presidents in their lives!? geeeZ

  4. the most eagerly awaited speech of the last 8 years.

    OH Yea ! haha... (I won't be watching or listening.)

    No 'Under' take here.

    Though I wonder how many will be willing to pay him for speeches after he is out of office. Add clinton to that mix too now. Just keeps getting better.

  5. He is trying to save his "legacy" of obamacare and it makes one (notice the clever use of avoiding the referenced pronoun) wonder if his final speech will be his last attempt at this futile endeavor.

    Interesting that when pimping hilly for prez it was this very same issue that was on the ballot. "My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot," Your "progress", Mr.HighYeller, was REJECTED. Now, please just go away.

    The o/u line has now moved to 220. There are no over bettors supporting that level of humility.

  6. Jess, I'm afraid you're right. He ain't going anywhere. While he leaves with a small fortune, at least he will have to start using it to pay for his uber rides from here on out. I would foot the bill to that volcano though.

    cube, but at least his ramblings will hold no sway over our lives. I pray it won't take long before we see video of ex-president obama batting balloons around the room with a glazed look in his eyes (like Bill Clinton). Oh, and I try to quote you too!

    Hi Z, It's funny. There was a scorecard of sorts after each of his addresses with a hard count on the use of "I', "me", "my", etc. How long will Michelle stay with this powerless eunuch now?

    Kid, maybe he will auction off his teleprompters in a few years when he is low on choom. Could happen!

    dr h, no doubt it is all about his legacy and the perversion that is obamacare. "Rejected", indeed. I should have gotten in on the betting line before it started to move!