Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bert & Ernie come out (But Animal is still a closet Lesbo)

My wife and I have started about a hundred series, only to quit them when they tried to slip in the gay story lines. Sometimes they disclose right away on the first episode, making us scramble for the remote. Sometimes they rope you in and try to hook you before they add a gay themed story line. We got all the way to the second season of House of Cards before we had to sh*& can that one. Ozark was another series that had potential. Only got to the 3rd or 4th episode before they trashed it. And earlier this year, we lost Annie with an E of all shows. C'mon! Annie with a freakin E!!?? We don't even have any children at home any more. We just aren't going over the cliff with the rest of society. 

Next week on Sesame Street... Bert comes home early and catches Ernie in an uncompromising position.
Don't worry, there is a happy ending...


  1. I also refuse to view the 'stuff the homo's down my throat' shows. Fortunately for me I don't even need TV. If it wasn't for my wife, I wouldn't even be subscribed to TV, but as she says, it keeps her company during her off days.
    I'm a reasonable person, so I just retreat to my man cave when the one show she watches with homos has the fat guy and the red haired guy homos on. IN fact the only time I do watch with her is when she is watching a usually bootlegged movie, or sometimes the local and BC 'news' just for laughs. That ABC david miur news segment is laughable. Same thing every day - couple news stories, usually involving death or suffering, a couple Trump hit pieces, then close it with a puppy rescued from a drain pipe story.
    Are people this pathetic to sit around night after night thinking they're being informed with this BS? Apparently.

  2. We still enjoy watching a movie or getting engrossed in a good series. It starts out being difficult to find something we both enjoy since our interests only over lap a bit (I like sci fis, westerns, spy v spy, action, etc and she likes Hallmark stuff... and some crime and detective shows) So once we find something that crosses over both of our interests, its depressing when we have to chuck it due to some gay story line crap. We have cable and a bunch of paid apps with thousands of choices and it still is like looking for the occasional needle in the haystack.

  3. We were watching Revolution, then they just stopped. We watch Curse of Oak Island which should be back on this fall - searching for treasure on Oak Island. Joe Kenda, ad there is a black detective with a show similar to Kenda's and a good story teller too.

    Used to watch the food channel, don't do that anymore. That's all I can remember about TV series in the last decade or more.

    Oh, bradley manning has that reality show where he sits in his big apartment all alone by the phone trying to look female while no one calls. That one is interesting.