Monday, September 3, 2018


Canadian actor Ryan Gosling to star in Universal Pictures' First Banner, the riveting story of the great seamstress, Betsy Ross. Legend has it that in 1776 and while working in her upholstery shop in New Jersey, Betsy Ross got a visit from General George Washington. He wanted her to design and sew a flag for a new nation. However, First Banner will focus on Betsy's life prior to this alleged visit. Gosling gives the performance of his life in his compelling first-person  portrayal of Betsy Ross, as she sews and repairs uniforms and upholstered chairs and other various assorted colonial sundry. "Betsy was a standout with the scissors," stated Gosling, as he adjusted his frilly shift. "It was a human achievement."


  1. {sarcasm} Betsy was a busy person, and her efforts show the wonderful human achievements possible. Portraying her achievements as something more, such as a strong yearning for liberty from the hands of the British tyrants, isn't that important.


  2. Did you know TODAY is the first day the American flag flew? I guess that's why you published this here but read it quickly and didn't see mention so I thought I'd turn into a big mouth and tell you! :-)

    By the way, here's the comment I left in response to yours about your brother who has SUCH great taste in Music!!

    "Matter of fact (You’ll love this one!)…my sister and her hubby went to Europe before the (LEON) concert and she emailed me “By the way, if anything happens to us on this trip, the Leon tickets are in the drawer by the phone in the kitchen!” THAT is how much she knew I couldn’t wait to go (with her)!!! As if I’d go if, GOD FORBID, anything happened to them? (well…………for Leon?… hahahaha!) Gad, I should have kept the tickets. Tell your bro HE ROCKS!!"

    Ya, if you haven't yet noticed; I'm a HUGE Leon fan :-)

  3. Barry Soetoro tells us Betsy never existed. No, it was mahammedette who crafted America's first flag. It originally had 57 stars until the new congress said WTF?, and the white stripes represented the infidels who would be tortured and killed while the red stripes represented the female genital mutilation going on thousands of times a day without anesthesia.
    -the end.

  4. Jess, I think the upholstery angle is gold! Yes, the fight for liberty and freedom from tyranny not so much. The Flag? What flag?

    Z, I did not know that fun flag fact. Actually this post was an attempt to show my disdain toward Hollyweird for doing the Neil Armstrong moon landing movie First Man without showing the American flag. My thinking is that they would find a way to not show the flag when doing a Betsy Ross story.

    Awesome Leon Russell story. Sounds like your sister rocks!

    Kid, I think I saw that documental episode on PBS last year. But I only caught half of it between forehead dips to my prayer rug. Just 'kidding' I'm not a goat f*&%er.

  5. I see it as one more attempt to minimize the incredible accomplishments of the USA. If we're an exceptional country then we can't be part of the New World Order where we're no better than any other country. In their eyes, the USA is equal to the Central African Republic (the poorest country in Africa). It's unbelievable to me that any thinking adult could give this any credence, but thanks to our educational system, many people believe in the idea of spreading OUR wealth to the point where we will all be equal.

  6. cube well said. And I so wanted to see this movie before their agenda was known. Meh. I can live without it. I'll just watch Apollo 13 again.