Friday, September 28, 2018

Dr Stormy Blasey Ford can't remember where she parked her car in Senate parking lot - "Maybe I ubered?"

Memories are funny things. Psychologists have said that they are malleable constructs that are reconstructed with each recall. Each time we recall an event, it changes. We forget some details, mix them up with other details from other points in our life, or even with a character from some obscure TV program we watched. They are faulty and inaccurate over time. 

That said, it has been OVER 20 HOURS since I watched Dr. Stormy Blasey Ford and her panel of slip-and-fall porn lawyers in front of the senate committee and listened as she told HER TRUTH. After 20 hours, I may have miss-remembered a few details from this Kavanaugh hearing, but this was my take-away ...

The lisping Senator Whitehouse grilling Kavanaugh on his "Beach Week" calendar entries.

If this were a scene in a Farrelly brothers movie, you'd think it over the top. 

Whitehouse: "Anthher the quethjun! Anthher yethh or no! Itth the 'Ralph Club' referenthing vomiting after conthooming too much booothz?"

Kavanaugh: I have a weak stomach, senator. In fact, your lisp makes me want to hurl right now.

Whitehouse: "What about thith Devilth Twiangle? Ithh that a refwencth to a female's Hoo-ha? A coochie cooch vajajay puthhhy?"

Kavanaugh: It's a quarters drinking game with 3 shot glasses. Have you ever had a friend, senator?

Whitehouse: What are theesth two, thwee... thix, theven F's in front of the Fourth of July? What doesth that thignify? Are these the number of gang raypths that day?

Kavanaugh: As my friend Squi would say, "F-fffffffuc* you thenator. You want any more on the Fs?

Whitehouse: What itth thith refwethce that sayth "Have you boofed yet?" Judge, have you — I don't know if ith 'boufed' or 'boofed' — how do you pronounce that?

Kavanaugh: That refers to flatulence. We were 16.

Cruz: Feinstein leaked!

Feinstein: I held it confidential but in the end this had to come forward. 
Cornyn: Can you tell us that your staff did not leak it? Cuz something smells to high heaven!
Feinstein: I don't believe my staff would leak it. I have not asked that question directly, but I do not believe they would boof.
Cornyn: Do you know that?
Feinstein: The answer is no. The staff said that they did not boof.
Cornyn: Have you asked your staff, or other staffers of the Judiciary Committee?
Feinstein: I just did. ... Jennifer reminds me I've asked her before about it. And that's true.
Cornyn: Well, somebody boofed it if it wasn't you.
Feinstein: Well, I'm telling you it was not -- I did not. I was asked to hold it in. And I was criticized for that, too.


  1. I'll laugh all morning thinking of Feinstein feigning innocence after a really noxious SPD. That, and the thought of one of the other Senators leaning over and asking: "Did something crawl up your butt and die?"

  2. I am so outraged by today's result that I can't even come up with a funny.
    I'm glad you did.
    Now I wish I could laugh.

  3. First off: Ford should have gone to the local police and reported what she felt was an attempted rape 36 years ago. She should realize that by her remaining silent for 36 years and through 6 prior FBI vettings of Brett’s nominations and confirmations to very high positions, she forfeited her right to come forward and throw an allegation at an SC Judge without any corroboration and without any details that would allow the accused the slightest chance in hell of defending himself. This one fact alone proves 100% she is a political hack who lay bare in the democrat tool box to be willingly deployed at the will of Democrats who couldn’t care less if she lived or died.

    Beyond that, all I remember was I saw DaBlade standing behind every democrat POS as they grilled the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh and gave them the biggest wedgies they've ever had in their lives and this is why all they could do was cry like babies while begging Brett Kavanaugh to call for a useless FBI investigation.

    Mr Blade, you should be awarded the Medal of Freedom for doing these wedgies. IN the case of feinstein, that medal should have the V device (Valor) attached.

    We thank you for your selfless service and suggest you take some tasers with you next time.

  4. Jess, This was funny at 16 and it's funny 36 years (or 41) years later. You just know that senate chamber gets "a little stuffy" at times.

    Ed, I share your outrage. Now share my laughing. It beats the hell out of the alternative.

    Mister Kid, thank you for recognizing me for my wedgie efforts. I barely escaped senator Shelly Whitehouse's grasps. Then Feinstein leaked again and it emptied the chamber.


    I looooved seeing Feinstein say she'd never asked her staff if they leaked...then she looks off camera at ONE staffer (I presume, how many COULD be there next to her?) and says "I'm told I didn't ask." NOBODY? You asked NOBODY and this one staffer knows that?

    It's actually a great big joke...sad it's got the makings of completely destroying a very conscientious, good man and his family. Disgusting, not 'sad'.

  6. Thanks for the props Z. Glad you laughed :)

    As for the Feinstein leak, I just watched the video of Trump imitating her looking behind at her staff to check if they leaked... THAT was hilarious! Trump could make a great living as a standup comedian, but not before his two terms are completed.

    Like I said over at Ed's place (about this Dr. Stormy Ford woman) - Everyone is getting in each other's way to state they believe something bad happened to her and she is just confused as to the correct perp. Not me. I think she knows beyond a doubt he did no such thing yet she is this cold and calculating... and cold. Did I already say cold? She is stone cold and with obvious motives.