Monday, September 10, 2018

US Air Force to target kneelers during stadium flyovers with precision ordnance

Pilot Chatter: All standing respectfully. No kneelers spotted. Closing bay doors... Breaking off now...

Pilot Chatter: We have a visual on the kneel-baggers. Target acquired. Locked and loaded.

Air Traffic Controller: Dolphin Snagger 11, you have traffic 12 o'clock, less than five miles. 727 descending to one four thousand.

Pilot Chatter: Copy. Snagger is radar contact tally-ho.

Air Traffic Controller: Dolphin Snagger 11, Roger.

Pilot Chatter: They're bulls-eye one-one-six, seventy-six now, twenty thousand, I'm a mile and a half in trail.

Air Traffic Controller: Just do it.


  1. I though of snipers in the upper seats, but that's probably a little too discrete. Your idea is much better, and spectacular.

  2. WOWZIR! THAT's effective and gets the point across, doesn't it (Don't let TRUMP read this...he'll DO IT!) :-)

  3. I recommend a cluster deployment of paintballs filled with This Stuff.

  4. Jess, The stadium could save money on fireworks. May need to improvise with radar penetrating drones for dome stadiums and use of Seal Team to send to locker rooms if cowards stay in there for anthem. Still in the planing stages.

    Z, Haha! He may tweet that he is getting all friends and relatives evacuated from the stadium and cause the libs heads to explode.

    Kid, lol... That is also known as "antifa cologne".

  5. Funny, but an NFL Kent State event would only fuel BLM, antifa & the lib/progs. I'd rather see one or two people sitting in the stands. Seeing the NFL panic would make my heart feel full.

  6. I did not forget you and you were in my prayers on Sept 11th my friend...xoxox

  7. cube, your wish is coming true it seems to me.... empty seats abound at these games these days.

    Angel, and to you my friend.