Tuesday, September 4, 2018

This blog is 100% free of awkward man hugs (just kidding)

Brett Kavanaugh's training camp is now over. Democrats are promising to act up since they suspect he believes in upholding the constitution - in direct opposition to their core. It's time to see if he has the eye of the tiger. I just hope there isn't that awkward man hug after he is confirmed...


  1. Ted Cruz did a wonderful job of exposing that:
    -the documents the dems are looking for are worthless to the process
    -the number of documents provided are 5 times as many as for 5 SC confirmations commbined(sic)
    -the dems know that they cannot find any valid reason to deny BK a seat on the bench
    -regardless of anything they will all vote no
    -they are only interested in delaying
    -that Kavanaugh's kids had to be taken out so as to not expose them to any more vile and disgusting behavior from the dems, or their planned protester pukes is unprecedented
    -that the dems are monkey poo licked up by a drunken hilrod clinton and then puked up on to the streets of san francisco.
    Ted Cruz might just be a Dick?

  2. HAHA! That was disgusting!!! (so was that video link)... Hard to tell the difference between the millennial clueless protesters and the democrat senators.... hold on... I'm GONNA HURL!!!

  3. Sorry DaBlade, the above was more of a response to Kid's video. My comment to your post is:
    haven't you ever experienced a bro hug? Nothing awkward there...

    A bro hug is executed my first initiating a mid-five/handshake, in which the bros then pull into eachother from hand contact. Then, each bro swings one arm around the back of the other bro, and gives 1-3 open palmed slaps on the opposing bro's shoulder, all while the mid-five/handshake is still interlocked, effectively sandwiching the arms between the bros.

    It's hard to mess up a bro hug, but it is often done in one of two ways:

    1) Not being rigid or forceful enough.

    2) Using both arms to hug (that's gay, bro).

    3) Holding it too long (timing is everything, bro).

  4. HAHA!!! Too many rules and more steps than a finely tuned golf swing (which I still have yet to perfect)

  5. I know and I'm sorry to put all that content onto your blog, but it's only because I think it's just another nonsensical crap move that illustrates my main idea.. My husband doesn't hug his friends when he greets them. He's more likely to greet them with something I don't want to print, but you get the idea. OK, he does hug his dad, but beyond that it's iffy.

    Me, I stand with Jerry Seinfeld.... why do we have to hug all people all the time.