Thursday, September 6, 2018

Highlights (and lowlights) from the Kavanaugh hearing (so far)

On Monday, the "Parkland dad" had tweeted that he planned to attend the hearings and hoped "to play a role in ensuring that this man does not become the next Supreme Court Justice."  So as promised, he tried to set Brett up with his pseudo handshake while the cameras rolled... but was it appropriate for Kavanaugh to draw his M&P Shield?

Additional promises kept - The democrats had orchestrated and carefully planned the all-day series of protesters, malcontents, miscreants and endless parade of human debris... and THAT was just the democrat senators and not even counting these yahoos.
Here is all I was able to hear from them during their snowflake disruptions...

TRANSCRIPT: *garble* [unintelligible] *sob* BLAH BLAH AHHHHHH!!! doh ye nob barfalot GAHH! [unintelligible] *garble*

Finally these democrats are making more sense than the presidential hopefuls center stage. There was, however, this unexpected surprise!

Just another Supreme Court Groupie I guess.

Check back later for further updates...


  1. Do you mean the behavior of the riotist dems? I did notice that Brett doesn't appear to know how to handle his firearm though. He shouldn't brandish without more practice.

    Side note, I am watching off and on again today and I really believe the DC police should start using the business ends of their batons now.

  2. DaBlade, I believe Brett was just showing the brain damaged parent that the safety was off before realigning the pistol to the guy's forehead.

    Brett's no dummy. I wouldn't shake any stranger's hand in an environment like that the way these idiots are triggered, and a dad who lost a child? Who's to say he doesn't have contact poison on his palm after taking the antidote for himself. Or maybe didn't even bother with the antidote. And how did this freak get down there next the Brett? What the hell. Who else can get down there unfettered? jeffery dahmer perhaps? jack ruby? charlie manson? What tha??

    Oh, and DJ Trump is supposed to talk 'presidential', while these puke senators can squeal like 3 yr olds ?

    Alright, I need some sushi.

  3. Kid! Sushi? It's nothing to kill yourself over!

  4. I agree and two things can be true at the same time about an individual. You can honor an individual's military service and subsequent time as a pow - and at the same time criticize him for being a horrible, horrible senator who was terrible for the country. This Parkland dad suffered the terrible loss of his son and deserves our sympathy for that - but at the same time is allowing himself to be used as a tool of the progressive gun grabber numbnuts in this set up attempt and therefore deserves our contempt.

    and I agree with Ed... Put the salmonella down and step away from the raw fish!

  5. Yes, two things can be true of an individual at the same time (McCain). And, I can hold two opposing viewpoints in my mind at the same time. I feel this way about the Parkland dad. The death of a child has to be among the worst things any parent can face and my sympathies go out to him and his family for their loss. In his grief, he may not understand how the progs are using him to further their agenda, but I hope this man finds solace. I can't blame this grieving man for falling for a sophisticated campaign funded by Soros. He's fooled better funded and better schooled folks than this man.