Saturday, September 15, 2018

Weather Channel Reporter Risks High Winds at Solar Observatory Mysteriously Shutdown by FBI

Chattering Teeth News - Officials continue to be elusive and tight-lipped about the reason for the weeklong evacuation of the solar observatory near Roswell, New Mexico. Some are speculating the sudden and secretive shutdown has to do with covering up a pending extraterrestrial invasion, an incoming solar flare, or even an inbound Planet X.

Now we are learning that the Weather Channel reporter who was criticized for embellishing the effects of Hurricane Florence is now on site and reporting dramatic high winds at the solar observatory's entrance.

Shortly after this photo was snapped, two Sasquatch reportedly were spotted walking casually by with nary a blown hair on their heads as the weather channel reporter continued to brace for his life. No explanation is being offered by the FBI.


  1. Two bad they didn't capture the photos of the sasquatch.
    Or photoshop.

  2. As scribed at Cubes place on a similar post.

    Oddly enough,we looked at a bunch of these type videos from various storms at work yesterday. This is no one off ! :-)

  3. "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"
    But believe them on globull warmening.

  4. They don't much like being photographed Mr Ed. Especially when they are running late for work. And Sir Kid, are you suggesting that the Weather Channel and other alphabet media have politicized the weather of all things? People would never believe that stuff would they? At least Ed seems to be edumacated on squatch made climutt chainge :)