Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A message from Cindy Crosby

A message from Sidney Crosby

Thanks MSgt Ed!


Z said...

GO, LAKERS (that's all the sports talk I know! )


DaBlade said...

Z- It's great to have a diversion from the madness. Thank goodness for sports! Go Lakers! ew. Some grudges die hard. I'll be happy for Z if they win though:)

and as for the Wings game, I thought that was very classy of them purposefully missing a few empty nets to give Pittsburgh this one and make it more exciting for game 7 back at the Joe and this opportunity for DaBlade to type this run-on sentence don't you?

cube said...

I love the diversion from the crazy madness of politics too, but it only extends to football. I love me my football.

Anonymous said...

HA HA .. who's crying now!! HA!

DaBlade said...

boo hoo.