Sunday, June 14, 2009

obama economics 101 - back to the future

I've been working on my longtime project of attempting to convert the basement freezer into a workable cryogenic chamber (at some point I hope to successfully unthaw the neighborhood strays). So when I read about the houses in my home town being leveled and surrounding neighborhoods reverting back to meadows, and Michigan counties letting paved roads revert back to gravel, I'm just looking for the next big thing.

Fur trade, lumber or horse and buggy? Eeny meeny miny mo... There is lots of lumber on these vacant houses. Then again, I already have a good start on the first. Say hello to Fluffy.


  1. Saw that article. Some of the neighborhoods I visited when I was a kid are not even there anymore

  2. Blue America is dying. Is this the progress Progressives speak of?

  3. Returning to the days when the man who delivered to your icebox? I hope he doesn't cometh again.

  4. I can get you in on the ground floor of a buggy whip company, if you're interested.

  5. RK is right.DaBlade, I swear, you crack me UP.

    As for whole cities razed..I guess it's SORT of old people when this nationalized health comes in?
    "too old, run down.......don't fix it, get RID of it?"


  6. Chuck- the term "meadows" doesn't really cover it, does it?
    RK- Yep. How do you like? Now take your potatoe and move down the line.
    cube- It WOULD be another job for some folks though. 20+% to go.
    Senor Dart- That would certainly take us full circle here in Flint.
    Z- Well, Obamacare must be rationed for the young Obamazombies.