Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Fourth of July wish to you

I want to wish everyone who happens to stumble upon this blog a very happy and safe Fourth of July holiday. Yes, I know I'm a little early with this message, but I'm planning on locking myself into my kitchen pantry (a/k/a my modified panic room) especially after the passing of that bogus global warming bullsh**. My panic room stays are becoming longer and longer, and I'm afraid I won't be out until after the Fourth. I pray the Cap'n Crunch holds out and that the chain lock on the hollow pressed wood panic room door is sufficient against unwelcome visitors (even if it isn't, rest assured that I do celebrate my Second Amendment rights).

In the meantime, please enjoy...

Toby Keith performing Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue.

Written shortly after the 9/11 attacks and inspired by same, these lyrics hold a more inspired meaning to me now. With Obama in the White House and his radical agenda systematically dismantling over 200 years of this great American experiment called "freedom", I dream of the day when Americans say "enough is enough"!

When Toby sings about "the red white and blue," I personally interpret that to mean conservatives and conservatism. All of the priciples our Constitution demands, and our founding fathers intended. When Toby sings about the statue of liberty shaking her fist, my interpretation has her representing the "tea party patriots" upset with what the libs have done to this once great land and saying "enough".

There. Now don't you like the video even more now?

Now this nation that I love
Has fallen under attack
A mighty sucker punch came flyin in
From somewhere in the back some guy named Barack
Soon as we could see clearly
Through our big black eye
Man, we lit up your world
Like the 4th of july

Hey uncle sam
Put your name at the top of his list
And the statue of liberty
Started shakin her fist
And the eagle will fly
Man, its gonna be hell
When you hear mother freedom
Start ringin her bell
And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you
Brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue


  1. Thanks for the memories, and that is what we are going to have about our great country if BO is allowed to continue his agenda for us.

  2. Have a very happy Independence Day, Patriot.