Monday, June 15, 2009

Questions on CTTV

Was Gary Bettman secretly counseling the AYaTollbooth kumquatei on how to steal the election away from pro-reform candidate Marian Hossa-ein Mousavi? Will Mahmood Akmadeenadude hire the Black Panthers of Philadelphia polling booth fame to come to Iran and help restore order? Will Mahmood tell the protesting students that "the time for robust debate is over," and threaten to take away their potatoes? As the world waits anxiously, what will be the reaction to all this from Obama's teleprompter?

Tune in next time on Chattering Teeth TV reality as we ask: Will Madonna's Malawi adoptees get along with their latest adopted sibling, Chastity "Chaz" Bono? How will the house dynamics change when Ozzy Osbourne is set loose with an altered Samsung phone and it's malfunctioning GPS? Can even the Black Panthers restore order?


  1. lol. Tune in next week for the next installment of "How the Iranian ACORN Turns".

  2. Sometimes I worry about my over-stressed mind during fleeting periods of lucidity. But then I read comments from my blog friends and am comforted in the fact that you're all loony too. :)

  3. LOL is right!
    IRANIAN ACORN, Cube, I've been saying the same all day.

    I even commented at Always' blog something like "Obama should comment at least on how the world appreciates an honest election"..but that would just be TOO IRONIC.

    DaBlade..LOONY is right! GREAT stuff, you are hilarious!

  4. I even commented at Always' blog something like "Obama should comment at least on how the world appreciates an honest election"..but that would just be TOO IRONIC.

    Oh please...

    Obama won by how many...10 million votes?

    Yeah, keep telling yourself, ACORN did it.

    You guys are sad.

  5. uh oh. lib alert. I'm sorry guys. I try to keep this blog spotless. These things are like cockroaches once they get a toe hold. Maybe if I talk loudly, it will go away. "HEY LIB! WE HAVE NO HANDOUTS HERE!" Did it work?

  6. Anon: Obama's high enough volume of winning means that large voter fraud by ACORN isn't being investigated. What difference would a few hundred thousand of their fake votes make? None, in this election.

    However, they got away with it this time, and established a precedent. Which means that ACORN can get away with election fraud again, in a near-future election when a few hundred thousand votes CAN make a difference.

  7. Oh, I get it. A call for reason that goes against the grain amoungst you guys means I'm a "lib". And since I'm a "lib", I must rely upon government handouts. Sure, that makes perfect sense.

    Its guys like you, and your esteemed leaders in paranoia and distraction, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, etc., that are destroying the Republican Party. I could, and I'm sure somebody has, shown you proof that allegations against ACORN show conclusively that no significant numbers of fraudulent registrations resulted in actual votes. It wouldn't matter, would it?

    Think about this: Gallup came out with a poll that a majority of Americans still consider themselves conservatives, yet at the very same time, the number of people who consider themselves Republicans is at a record low. Independents are leaving the party in droves.


    Because of bullshit like this.

    While President Obama is passing everything he has been putting in front of Congress, moving through his checklist straight from the liberal wish-list, he's solidifying his base, shoring them up for 2010 and 2012. They're happy.

    In the meantime, what have the Republicans offered? Who is speaking for the GOP?

    Gingrich and Limbug are harping on parts of quotes taken out of context from Judge Sotomayer. Even if they had a point, (and they don't, most people have heard the unedited quotes by now) most people see her as a reasonable centrist.

    Michael Steele says that there isn't really a recession, because the mall near his house is still busy.

    Glenn Beck and the rest of the loony bin at FOX are ranting about concentration camps and birth certificates. Oh, and ACORN.

    Meanwhile, Democrats are talking about the economy, and passing legislation.

    The GOP is offering what? Conspiracy theories? Sarah Palin can't even summon the stregnth to simply roll her eyes and ignore a stupid joke by a late night talk-show host, and she is supposed to be the best shot for 2012?

    Oh, and guess what? Even "conservative" economists agree; the recession is ending next year.


    Sure, I get it, this is a blog, its supposed to be funny. Well, whether or not you're suceeding at that is debateable, but what isn't funny is that while the Democrats have clear leaders, ideas, and the majority to pass laws, the GOP has bullshit.

    As you were.

  8. anon... or should I call you "Kevin". It's been a while. You tipped your hand that it was you with your long-winded diatribe of liberal tripe and your failure to find me funny. The other obvious "tell" is your disdain for being labeled a liberal. You prefer "progressive" *cough* if I remember correctly. Just own it. Regardless, I knew you couldn't stay away. It does sound like the conservative poll has you spooked though. Here the footsteps? It all starts collapsing down on you big government socialist "progressives" (feel better?) starting in 2010. Obama is doing some lasting damage "talking about the economy, and passing legislation." Double digit unemployment, interest rates, inflation... double dip recession. Is that the recovery you are puffing your chest out about? Obama's irrational spending of trillions? I guess I liked you better when you shut the f--- up.

  9. Anon, you must know nobody reads a liberal rant past the second sentence.

  10. Do you really think that this "Kevin" is the only person who doesn't find you funny?

    I guess I liked you better when you shut the f--- up.

    Typical blogger windbag. As soon as somebody outside of the Amen Choir shows up it's game over, isn't it?

    Anon, you must know nobody reads a liberal rant past the second sentence.

    Don't worry...I didn't imagine anybody here does much reading.

  11. hey anon, or Kevin, or Chaz, or whatever you call yourself these days... YOU came HERE and started insulting me and my friends. Take a look in the mirror pal. Your sarcastic "Amen Choir" comment shows your typical liberal disdain for Christians. Go away.

  12. You dumb bunny.

    An "Amen Choir" is a common phrase, and it has nothing to do with religion in common language.

    It is a group of people who obey their leader without question.

    That is what you have here. It isn't a blog with honest discussion of anything, and my response wasn't an insult of Christianity, as I myself am a Christian.

    Here's a hint: Christianity is not the worship of the almighty blogger DaBlade.

    See ya in 2010. I'll be the one with the "Told ya so" sign.

  13. Wow! Blade you can sure get the libs worked up!! But I still don't see why they get so upset. They have control of everything-why aren't they happy? Libs hate all religion not just Christians. They will side with anyone who hates the U.S. to further their goal of an extreme socialist fascist rule.