Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stop eyeballing me boy!


Sonya Sotomayor's ex-male law clerk says she routinely lost her temper and called him an "abomination" while beating him, especially if she found a misspelling in a brief he was writing for her.

She would also constantly demean me saying things like, "let this wise Latina women show the dumb white male how to do the crossword puzzle". Stuff like that. After a while, she simply tied me to the bed and hobbled me with a large mallet. She once even put a pubic hair on my can of Coke!

Actual footage of Sotomayor's famous judicial temperment


Speaking of puzzles, The eyeballing game is very addicting. Dad and sons played several rounds last night, taking turns with the high (low) score. A lot of chest bumping and trash talking and scrums after the whistle. The old man held his own too!


Chuck said...

Come on, this won't derail her. The only thing that could hurt her is if they found a tape of her attacking gay marraige .

DaBlade said...

Good one Chuck! Sonya's racial remark, poor temperment and horrible judicial record of getting overturned will all be overlooked by the majority in power and their state run media.

Mr. Dart said...

It's not the truth that matters, it's the seriousness of these charges!

Z said...

I was just thinking "I'm going to comment about the Coke can" but you beat me to it.

great post...
She's no racist, she belongs to LA RAZA. Go figure!