Tuesday, July 28, 2009

JACKO'S NOSE is running?

Serial killer FUN FACT of the Day: John Wayne Gacy was a pedophile who kept a closet full of fake noses.

...and now for the news.

Reportedly the prosthetic nose that Jacko wore to hide his caved in nasal orifice was missing from his corpse during autopsy.

For many years following multiple plastic surgeries to change Jacko’s face, his nose evidently was the hardest hit and former housekeeper Adrian McManus claimed the King of Pop had an entire collection of faux proboscis...

But the nose Jacko wore the day he died remains missing.

It may yet be an important piece of evidence in the possible homicide investigation into his sudden death.
Meanwhile, Rev. Al Sharpton is planning a march stating, "No proboscis, no peace!"


Chuck said...

Even dead this man continues to be creepy. Someone is trying to sell it.

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog...keep it going.

DaBlade said...

Too tru Chuck. I was obviously very bored this morning. Slim pickins, as it were.
and thank you caring American. Appreciate your visit and sentiments.

Bill-CT said...

Give Jacko Henry Waxman's nose. That would be freaky enough.

cube said...

This is creepy on many levels.

Bill CT: Oh thanks for putting that image into my brain ;-)