Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yet another mishmash, hodgepodge, pungent potpourri and flowery bouquet of blog words

Didn't catch the Obama Propaganda and Variety Show last night. I hold liberal politicians (and The One specifically) in such contempt that I can't take watching them until they have been Auto-Tuned to sing unitentionally. Until the Gregory Brothers do their magical remix of the Obama show, I will have to rely on the printed word in small doses.

This blog will take a brief Auto-Tune time out. Stay right where you are and don't touch that keyboard. DaBlade will be right back...

Unintentional Singers Auto-Tune the news

Obama says health care "is not a game".

This also happens to be the title of a book about alternate reality games that muddle the line between fantasy and reality. Sounds like Obama's Mein Kampf to me.

But what if it was a game, which game would it be? (read prior sentence again with a Barbara Walter's lisp)

Mousetrap - Find your way through the maze of Obamacare bureaucracy (if you can), as you try to collect as much government cheese as you can carry.

Monopoly - Try to avoid bankruptcy as you pay higher and higher taxes when landing on Obama's ever-expanding properties. Gitmo terrorists "get out of jail free".

Operation - You possess the skill and precision of any old surgeon found in the future Obamaworld, just try not to nick your patient's artery HA HA! Gameplay could take months, if not years, between turns as Uncle Sam will make Cavity Sam wait for that necessary (yet rationed) funny bone removal. Don't forget the FREE ABORTION provision!

Candy Land - Sounds too much like Candy Mountain, and we know how that healthcare game ends for Charlie the Unicorn, right?

Trivial Pursuit- Earn pie wedges for correct guesses to questions on provisions in Obama's 1,018 page bill that nobody (including The One) has read. Teleprompter not included.

Trouble - Remember that "PopoMatic" dome with the dice? Land on an opponent's peg and send him back. Free pass (and free healthcare) for undocumented workers.

Chutes & Ladders - Think you're getting ahead? Down the chute you go, as Obama's policies have caused the stock market to tumble and unemployment and inflation to skyrocket. Ladders not included until 2012.

Scrabble - The more eloquent the word used, the better. Just make sure that it is found somewhere within the 1,018 pages of the Obamacare healthcare bill.

Clue - Solve the mystery of who murdered the economy. Obama. My that was a quick game.


Fourth meal...
Gidget, the wise Latina Chihuahua of Taco Bell commercials fame has died of a stroke at the age of 15. If only Gidget was on the Obamacare health plan that Bo enjoys. Staples Center memorial service to follow?


  1. love the games!..I can't listen to Hussein without needing medical intervention!

  2. Wouldn't it go more like, "Colonel Obama, in the Oval Office, with the pen" Game, set, match !! Woo-Hoo !!! We're screwed !

  3. "Roll me over, gimme beer, and do it again."

  4. I can't listen to Obama's speeches. I listened to the one with the greek columns. That was the first and last straw.

    Never again.

  5. Hee hee. Very funny post. Shun the non-believer. Shhhh-uuuu-nn.

  6. May be just a rumor but I heard they raided the Houston office of Gidget's Vet this morning.

  7. that game comparison ROCKS, DaBlade!! AMAZING!

    RK...listening to Obama is LIKE listening to a Greek Column..