Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama is so slick and knows every trick

"Give it to me!"

Obama in Warren, Michigan Tuesday:
"I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, 'Well, this is Obama's economy,'" the president said in a pointed deviation from his prepared text. "That's fine. Give it to me!"

J Geils Band, Give it to Me...
(and apparently our president's shower song)
You're so slick now, know every trick now
You know I want it, I want it so bad
You know I need it, I can't believe it
So come on baby, Please relieve it

You've got to get it up (give it up)
You've got to get it up (give it up)
You've got to get it up (give it up)
You've got to get it up (give it up)

When Obama says "IT", he means the economy. I don't think Peter "Oover Groover" Wolf was referring to the economy.

Hey Obama. Don't say "give it to me", capice? It sounds funny when you say it.

OK, what the heck. Now I got the hankerin'... I was going to comment on Obama taking ownership of the economy, while in the next breath admitting that unemployment figures will continue to "tick up" (read: Skyrocket through the roof)... but I've decided I'd rather listen to one of the best songs by the funkiest band in the land...

A 2009 J Geils renaissance underway? I wasn't able to make their Detroit appearance at the Fillmore in April. They also played in Boston, and just had a July 11th reunion concert in Atlantic City.

Bring it back to Detroit one more time fellas!

Now back to the regularly scheduled program...

"I want the president's economic stimulus to work, but guess what? It's not happening right now," Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Tuesday, voicing a common GOP refrain. "I don't even think we have Wendy's jobs anymore. Where's the beef? Where's the jobs?"


  1. I didn't coin it, but I will pass this along...

    BO inherited an economic crisis, but he turned it into a catastrophe.

  2. "'ve got to love these folks who..."
    Do you recognize the SMARMINESS in this statement? WHO the H does he think he IS? WHat kind of a MAN is that? Bush NEVER brought up what he'd inherited in that kind of belittling fashion, he hasn't even commented on THIS dope since he left office! What a terrible new tone obama's brought with him to our WH.
    Insulting Queens, dissing PM's, humiliating Merkel, loving on Chavez who despises America, supporting Zayala, taking the CIA to hearings, MEDDLING in Israel and disdaining meddling in a muslim country.
    DaBlade, we EVER going to recover from the TONE? he's a chicago THUG.

  3. cube and z- ditto ditto. A Chicago thug indeed.