Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Those lucky jobless sobs

Are you peeved about taking on extra duties at work?

Do you feel guilty about surviving the hatchet?

Are you petrified you may be next?

If so, then you are suffering from C.J.I.:
A 2008 University of Michigan study found that chronic job insecurity, which persisted over three to 10 years, can be more damaging mentally and physically to one's well-being than a job loss or life-threatening illness.
"People who are persistently worried about losing their jobs ... are often waiting for the other shoe to drop, said U-M professor Sarah Burgard, the author of the study.

Please enjoy these short clips of CJI sufferers

So if the shoe(s) drop, then make lemonade or something.

If this study is to be believed, then the unemployed are
* Less stressed
* Less prone to over-indulge in food and beverage
* Lead healthier lifestyles

Unemployment=good. jobs=bad

Man, I just realized that my hometown of Flint, MI must be an absolute utopia of health-conscious and carefree folk. So THIS is what Obama has in mind! I will investigate this theory by doing some man-on-the-street interviews (If I can find them amongst these vacant homes and abandoned buildings).


  1. I wonder why the U of M, one of the most liberal colleges in the country, did not find a correlation between the facts that the state of Michigan has:

    -the highest unemployment rate in the country

    -some of the unhealthiest people in the country based on studies about obesity, smoking, etc.

    Other than that they seem to be on to something here.

    Love the sports teams, find the school itself to be a collection of leftards.

    Finally, you are right, Flint, Detroit, Saginaw, etc must be models of healthy living.

    BTW, the first video is a riot. The second video actually happened to me but my luck, none of the shoes matched my fanny pack.

  2. I've been trying as hard as I can to go Galt, but I keep getting sucked into gainful employment.

    My dream job would be to work as the American conservative answer to this guy:


    See you on Twitter!

  3. very funny videos!!
    Chuck, liberal colleges only find correlations between things that prove THEIR point, dontchaknow! :-)

    DaBlade, I'm hoping you can find your homey, Michael MOore, to interview..THAT would ROCK!

  4. Blade, I recommend you 86 the idea of the-man-on-the-street interview. Too risky-any man on the street in Flint might bust a cap in your a**. Twenty seven percent unemployment-Wow!!

  5. lol..thank God I'm still gainfully employed..for now!

  6. Chuck- fanny pack? and you are concerned for my Barbie fetish?:)
    RK- Better luck next time. I'm sure you will lose the right job if you endeavor to perservere.
    Z- MM doesn't spend much time in these parts surprisingly.
    Pic Pic- Not to worry. My hairgel provides a kevlar-like protective shell.
    PCC & WHT - Keep tryin'!

  7. From the linked article:

    The study found that people facing job insecurity are under a great deal of stress, which makes them prone to overeat, consume too much alcohol, suffer from depression, have trouble sleeping and abandon healthy activities like exercise.

    Hell, I suffered from all those problems when I DID have a secure job. The management there was horrendous!