Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama The Destroyer

Dear blog,
NOTE TO SELF - I'm depressed again. The high court is about to add a left-wing liberal racist to the bench. Joe Biden is running around stating that we have to spend a few more $trillion to keep from going bankrupt, while Obama "The Chicago Thug" continues to push his radical agenda. Not content with his last budget that has pushed the 2009 deficit close to $2 Trillion, he wants MORE with cap-and-trade and socialized healthcare. The interest alone on the Debt now equals money allocated for our National defense. "No problem," says Obama. "I'll just eliminate the defense budget". If The One gets his way, America as we know it is done. It might be close to the time when I just load up the camper and head for the hills.

Speaking of camping, this was just plain weird...
BILLINGS, Mont. – Wildlife officials are trying to determine why a mountain lion attacked a Colorado man who says he used a chain saw to fight off the animal during a camping trip with his wife and two toddlers in northwestern Wyoming.

Wildlife officials should also try to determine why a Colorado man goes camping with a chain saw. The man's pre-camping checlist: LANTERN? Check; MATCHES? Check; SUNSCREEN? Check; WIFE AND TWO TODDLERS? Check; CHAIN SAW?

Hey, I like a campfire as well as the next camper, but if he doesn't have the common lazy decency to pay the $5 ransom for the 4 or 5 pre-cut and bundled pieces of sickly bark/wood, he ought to at least use a hand saw and/or an axe.

Of course, camping is it's own little microcosm of society. You have the elites, with their behemoth fifth-wheel rigs that have four bedroom, two baths, air conditioning, slide-outs (cottages for the help staff, apparently). Then you have the "middle class" working folks, which include the popup camper people like the DaBlades. At the bottom of the economic camping pool are the "homeless", or tent people.

A small breeze and light rain can send the tent people scattering, and will bring a smug smirk from a mostly-dry popup camper guy (who until then was feeling kinda down as he gazed at his elite neighbor's 50-ft rig with a fireplace and mumbling to himself, "that ain't camping").

Of course, if camping were EXACTLY like the real world, I would still owe a $5,000 mortgage on my camper (which has a resale value of maybe $3,000). With the hometown unemployment rate at 27.3%, I would worry about losing my ability to pay for my camper and one day becoming a tent person.

But camping is not the real world... that's kinda the point of going. And I own the camper (Read it and weep tent people), so I don't have to worry about a sheriff's sale and eviction to a tent.

So in conclusion, Obama and the democrats look to steal our future and our freedom. If I lose my house in this Obama economic storm, I can always live in the popup on perpetual vacation. It's time to make a stand. I will be in the camper and I will have my lantern, matches and sunscreen. This time, however, I'm taking a chain saw.


  1. your title says it all! and have an awesome weekend my friend!:)

  2. I have a slightly more "Sanguine" attitude toward it. Obama's a left-winger, so it is not surprising that he will only nominate left-wingers. Obama has admitted that he favors racist policies like in New Haven, so it is not surprising that his nominee (whomever it is) would have these views.

    The real question is, is Sotomayor worse than Souter? If not, then it is really no change.

    And if it is not changed, we have one institution, the Supreme Court, that has not actually been degraded by Pres. Obama's ill-considered policies.

    That's something to be mildly happy for, especially considering the damage he has done to other parts of the government.

  3. Count me among the tent people. By the end of the Obama years, my tent is probably all I'll have left.

  4. He is now scaring everyone I know out of their wits.
    A close relative doesn't want to go near the close relatives who actually voted for THE ONE..."They voted for someone ruining our LIVES, are you KIDDING?" OH, brother :-) NOW WHAT?

    I'll take a chain saw to the dining room table and have them sit...over there!?

  5. The BO crapfest can be depressing if you think about it too much. Despite my tendencies towards news wonkishness, I now limit by news intake. The sound of BO's voice sends tingles of horror up my leg.

    BTW if mountain cats are anything like house cats, they will think a chainsaw is a vacuum cleaner and they'll run away.

  6. ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!!! Everyone, Please carefully unscrew your funny mercury loaded light bulbs-we are freezing!!! It's the middle of July and we will be lucky to see 68 degrees today!!!! If you can get your hands on some coal please burn it immediately my garden is counting on your goodwill!!!

  7. WHT- Thanks, you too!
    dmarks- "Is Sotomayor worse than Souter?" That is an interesting way of looking at it. We won't know the answer to that for awhile I suppose. I still hold out the fantasy that Roe v Wade will be overturned and infanticide will be outlawed again some day, so even the status quo on the bench is a loss in my book.
    RK- ...and this thermos, and that's all I need... :)
    Z- That's the thing. Sure there are a percentage of marxist "true believers" in Obama's camp, but my hope is that the majority of those voting for Obama have come to grips with reality on what they have done (even if they don't admit it out loud)... I'm seeing fewer and fewer of those pro-obama bumper stickers on the roadway (I hate those!). I guess I'm just a dreamer. *sigh*
    cube- I never want to test what makes a mountain lion run away.
    Pic Pic- I have been doing my part all weekend by driving back and forth to the HS hockey tournament in Chelsea with my boy. My old SUV has been thirstily consuming gallon upon gallon of fossil fuels and spewing the pollutants into the Michigan atmosphere. So far I don't notice any progress, as it's still really cold this morning. Gotta go gas up... It's Sunday morning and we are about to head back for the finale!