Friday, July 31, 2009

Tim Geithner - Toxic ASSet

"Whoever owns this house clearly knows nothing about finance..."

Original 2004 Price: $1.6 Million
2009 Asking Price: $1.635 Million

This is freakin' hillarious! Don't miss the auction at the 3 minute mark!

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John Oliver of The Daily Show: "How can the American people trust the policies of a man who can't sell his house? Isn't this like hiring a personal trainer that's morbidly obese?"

I would go so far as to say it would be like a crack-smoking president appointing a fat surgeon general. (Riiiiight. Like that could ever happen)


  1. I was reminded of the Ron White joke I saw while channel surfing the other night. He joked, "I got so drunk last night i woke up this morning and someone sh&% my pants."

    Reminds me of all the Obama voters who are responsible for the feces we all find ourselves sitting in, including little timmy geithner.

  2. I'm truly amazed. Stewart didn't mention Bush through the entire clip. Maybe there is hope....just kidding!

  3. One car dealer today said how can we trust health care to the same bunch that is running the cash for clunkers program? Truer words have not been spoken.