Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama's Inconvenience Store and gas station

'Beer summit' and 'Beer Diplomacy' is the news of the day, as Obama has summoned Harvard professor (and race baiter extraordinaire) Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Officer James Crowley to belly up to the White House bar for a cold one.

“As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me..."

Hey, this could work! Obama may just rehabilitate his own persona from that of a community agitator and race-monger, to that of a uniter and community healer. We are the world....

Maybe Gates and Crowley will come together... [dream sequence]

PRESS SEC. GIBBS: Howdy, city slickers. Welcome to the White House. No fightin', nocussin', no gun-slingin . Y'all can mosey up to the bar and have yourselves a Red-Eye fruit punch. But watch what you say to our bartender, he's an ornery cuss!

GATES: Hey, you knuckle-head. Set us up with four red-eyes !

OBAMA: *silence*

CROWLEY: Hey, yellow belly, I'm talking to you!

OBAMA: *silence*

GATES: Hey, tenderfoot! Move your chickenwings, turkey!

OBAMA: *silence*

CROWLEY: Hey, underpants, move your...


Who doesn't count National Lampoon's Vacation in their top 10? Speaking of which, Clark and son Rusty engage in a little beer summit themselves in this scene:

And now, ACTUAL FOOTAGE of Gates and Crowley drinking beer at the bar and engaging in a little bit of racial healing. I don't want to give away too much, but let's just say that all would have been fine had Michelle Obama not decided to stick her nose in where it didn't belong! (You will have to suffer a 20 second commercial)

In conclusion, I still have in my possession an unopened can of Billy Beer, named after the brother of president Carter if you recall. I'm not bragging and I'm not embarrassed. Just sayin'. I know it's worthless, but it does contain my entire retirement hopes and dreams. I can currently get more for my unopened can of Billy Beer than I can for my house.

Speaking of beer brands named after socialist president's brothers... How long before we see George Hussein Onyango Beer on the store shelves?


  1. I think this whole thing is nonsense. The cop should have told Obama to go to Hell.

  2. ke the Rev's Sharpton, Jackson, Wright (all of whom Obama agrees w/) this Prof.Gates was "looking for an issue in his belligerent behavior, in assuming the officer was profiling him". The fact is, the neighbor called thinking his home was being robbed.....IF, the P.D. DID NOT show up, the Gates probably would have said: "they didn't come to the rescue because I am black".....when will these RACISTS stop living in the past and move forward and stop the 'reverse discrimination' they are so good at? I've NEV ER SEEN THE REV'S COME TO BAT FOR ANY WHITE PERSON, HAVE YOU?

  3. Those poor kids.... They obviously know their debt ridden future and are getting an early start.

  4. Billy Beer? Wow. How old were you when that came out? 8?

  5. I'm old enough to remember Billy Beer, but I don't own any cans. Lucky you.

    I, too, am sick & tired of hearing from professional victims of racism like Gates. Good Lord, you look at these folks cross-eyed & they shriek racism. It's their default setting and it does get tiresome.

  6. chuck- That may have been the response he was hoping for to use as justification for all of his race baiting... "See! He is a racist cop because he won't sit down and get down with two black men". I thought he handled it as good as it can be. Still, the satisfaction of telling Obama to go to hell would have been a strong pull:)
    Andrew- Nope. But that's like saying I've never seen a car fueled by raw banana peels (except the delorean in Back to the Future).
    anon- I think those are baby pictures of the Jonas brothers.
    rk- 1977 for Billy Beer... I was 16 (same as our president). They were a souveneer gift from my parents and not meant to consume. They bought weach of us a six-pack. I had only the one left before my 17th bday :)
    cube- so much for this president being the transcender of race.